The Block Cheater Is Revealed

The Block Cheater Is Revealed

The question everyone wants to know this episode, who took the photo of the building and challenge schedule that is causing chaos on The Block?

It’s four days to half basement reveal, but no one is talking about renovating. It’s all about the mystery photo that Ronnie called the greatest cheating scandal in Block history.

The boys owned up to the fact they saw the photo, but they are adamant they didn’t take it.

Tanya and Vito claim they don’t want to be a part of the drama but a few other contestants are suspicious of them.

Meanwhile it’s Kirsty’s birthday and Jesse forgets…again. But he makes a lovely card on a brick.

Mitch and Mark have a problem with their plastering and Keith and Dan demand they fix it. They are the only house doing a steam room in their basement which is bringing up all sorts of issues.

Kirsty and Jesse meanwhile are clueless to the whole cheating and photo scandal, it definitely wasn’t them.

Georgia asks Tanya to her face if she took the photo, she says she didn’t.

Vito comes over to talk to Mark and nearly has a breakdown and is in tears, perhaps he knows more about the photo? Mark thinks this is very strange.

Keith and Dan interrogate all the builders and find out that Ryan, Josh and Luke’s builder, had seen the photo.

They confront Ryan and demand he gives up the source putting him under serious pressure. Luke doesn’t want Ryan to get into trouble and goes to Vito to say they have to sort this out.

After staying quiet for so long and lying to everyone saying they had nothing to do with it, Luke reveals in fact Tanya and Vito know more about the photo.

In fact it gets revealed as Tanya returns and she and Luke go and have a sit down with one of The Block producers – that she in fact had the photo all along.

Keith and Dan are not happy, because they interrogated Tanya and Vito’s builder Andrew and she smiled as if she knew nothing.

She claims the last few weeks have been terrible and she is feeling very guilty. She said it was eating her up inside. Her story is a mystery tradie, whose number she no longer has, sent her the picture.

However already there are holes in her story. We see her in the tearoom talking off camera appearing to rehearse her story with Vito saying their story has to be consistent.

Vito believes they are being unfairly targeted and the whole thing is like a criminal interrogation. Tanya claims the photo was sent to her Block phone, then she changes her tune, it was sent to her personal phone.

Either way other Blockheads such as Ronnie and Georgia are not happy as she stayed quiet for so long and has appeared to have lied.

One thing is certain there is a lot to go in this scandal yet.


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