The Block Begins Kids Bedroom Week

After tying for the win during bathroom week, arch enemies Kristy and Brett and Eliza and Liberty have to go to Scott’s house Camelot in Gisborne for a celebratory dinner.

Before that at the Domain Open For Inspections there is some sympathy for Steph and Gian, who got some very brutal feedback from Marty Fox at judging the night before. He said their bathroom reminded him of a quarantine facility.

This week our Blockheads are building two kids rooms and Steph and Gian are having flashbacks to their awful effort in the House Decider challenge back at the start of The Block. Steph and Gian were hammered by the judges that first challenge for missing the brief so this week they have something to prove.

At the dinner at Scotty’s house in Gisborne it’s all fun and games and politeness between Kristy and Brett and Eliza and Liberty. Kristy breaks the ice by the fire after dinner and apologizes if the girls were offended about her behaviour, and also throws Leah under the bus.

Leah has pretty much ended her friendship with Kristy, and Kristy is very keen to let Eliza and Liberty know that Leah was a willing participant in the so-called  “mean girls” behaviour.

The next day our Blockheads get the call for challenge. They are to build a backyard and BBQ area  at Ronald McDonald House in North Melbourne, opposite the Royal Children’s Hospital.

 There are two teams, Leah and Ash, Eliza and Liberty and Kristy and Brett. The other team is Kyle and Leslie and Steph and Gian. They are joined by last year’s fan favourites Dylan and Jenny to even up the teams. They get to work on what is an important challenge to benefit sick children and their families. There is also $15,000 up for grabs for the winning team of the challenge.

At night it’s Ash’s birthday dinner at a local restaurant and Kristy and Brett go along. But the group is rocked as Kristy clearly ignores Leah and doesn’t say a word to her and  Brett leaves straight after the birthday cake.

Back at The Block, Kristy makes it clear in no uncertain terms she wants nothing to do with Leah.

A once close friendship is now all over.


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