The Block Bathroom Week reaches Waterproof Wednesday

Three days to bathroom reveal and none of our teams made it to waterproof Wednesday.

Tom and Sarah-Jane’s daughter Cleo turns one today, and the couple head to a local pub to have lunch with the family.

Scotty calls a meeting and reminds everyone to recycle with The Block’s Bingo bins and keep the sites clean.

Waterproofing the bathroom begins on all the bathrooms, some couples are faster than others.

Tom and Sarah-Jane’s tiler quits. Sometimes The Block is so tough on our trades as well.

Shelley Craft meets all the contestants and does her first walkarounds with Scotty.

Rachel and Ryan get some mixed feedback. Shelley questions their contemporary style of bathroom with no nod to the heritage era of House No.2. There is hardly any country influence. Rachel is in tears, and she questions if she is doing things right.

Oz and Omar are star struck when they meet Shelley. Oz got goosebumps and he could hardly talk.

It’s a hectic couple of days but our contestants are all working hard to deliver the first room on The Block.


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