The Block Basement Reveal The Punishment

The Block Basement Reveal The Punishment

it’s been a big week on The Block so whose basement

It’s three days to basement reveal but everyone is still talking about the explosive Body Corporate meeting earlier in the week.

Mitch and Mark and Ronnie and Georgia in particular, want consequences for Josh and Luke and Tanya and Vito. Tanya and Vito say they are shocked by the behaviour of the Faves, and no longer consider themselves friends with either Ronnie and Georgia or Mitch and Mark. Mitch and Mark say they believe Tanya took the photo, not a tradie as she has claimed.

Scotty and Shelley do their walkarounds, and get up-to-date with all the dramatic gossip.

Shelley confronts Tanya and Vito and says they have to understand why everyone is so angry. She believes Tanya and Vito cheated because they had the building schedule photo. Vito is furious at being labelled a cheater and he walks off The Block. He can’t cope with all the drama. Tanya calls the behaviour and language used at the Body Corporate meeting “disgusting.”Basement wise, Scott and Shelley are impressed with everyone.

After leaving The Block and threatening to walk, Vito returns and says: “I’m not building that home, that home is building me.”

It’s been a wet few days on The Block and some of the basements are leaking. Despite this, all the couples finish and there are some spectacular results. Scotty calls “tools down” and it’s judging time.

Scotty revealed because of the cheating scandal, both Tanya and Vito and Josh and Luke lose two points each. Most the couples think this is a fair punishment, but not Ronnie and Georgia who think they should be stripped of wins from previous weeks.

Ronnie and Georgia spent $23,410: The shooting star ceiling that Ronnie loved was a real hit with the judges. Darren was a fan of the lounge-like furniture in the cinema room. Shaynna loved the colour palette, saying it was perfect. Neale isn’t a fan of home cinemas, but Ronnie and Georgia’s room made him want one in his house. The sound was off the charts. The only problem was Darren went upstairs and he could hear everything, so they need better acoustics.

Score 28.5/30

Mitch and Mark, spent $31,795: WOW was what Shaynna and Darren said once they entered Mitch and Mark’s steam/spa room.  Darren thought it was beautiful and the colour choice of tiles was spot on. Shayanna thought the decision to include a steam room was a real luxury inclusion. The judges thought this room could set them apart from the others on The Block.

Score 28.5/30

Tanya and Vito, spent $32,106:  The judges were very impressed with the private cinema room. Darren once again thought the choice of furniture was clever, and residential. The three judges sat on the recliner chairs and thought they were in heaven.  Shaynna wasn’t a fan of the curtains. Neale thought the room brought luxury to a whole new level. The only thing was the black paint job on the ceiling was horrendous.

Score 25.5/30

Josh and Luke, spent $28,231:  The real-life Ironman was a hit but that’s about it. They felt it looked like a commercial cinema, not a residential home. The layout was wrong, it felt small. The wardrobes were the wrong colour. The fridge was too brightly lit. Shaynna thought the styling was “dismal” and “lazy.” She felt the whole room was “crap” in her words. Not a great week for Josh and Luke.

Score 19/30

Kirsty and Jesse, spent $34,117; Another stunning cinema room. The judges loved the two doors to enter the room. The chairs with the cup holders really worked. The styling wasn’t kitsch and it worked. The sound insulation was amazing. The room overall had just the right vibe. The panelling on the wall was spot on. A beautiful room in one word.

Score 29/30

Kirsty and Jesse take out the battle of the basements.


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