The Block auction surprise result

The Block auction surprise result

 Australia has been left stunned tonight after The Block crowned a surprise couple the winners of the Grand Finale Auctions following a drama-filled reserve price announcement and the cheating scandal confession everyone has been waiting for.

Sydney fave couple Mitch and Mark were crowned winners of The Block Fans v Faves 2021, taking home $744,444 in prize money, after selling their cottage-style three-bedroom house for $4,044,444, which was $644,444 above the reserve.

The pair made the largest sum over reserve of all five Block houses, winning an additional $100,000 in prizemoney as winners of the series.

Speaking about their win, Mitch said: “We never had expectations or even hopes for that amount. This changes our lives as we’ve got a mortgage that we can’t jump over, but with this prize, we can take a great leap at it now.”

Mark said: “I think we’re in shock as we stuck to our guns about what we thought a family home was about and it was a big risk.”

The Blockheads took home an incredible total of $2,271,968.12 in prizemoney, with all five Block houses selling for a profit – however, fan favourites Ronnie and Georgia were left in fifth place, after putting themselves first in the auction order.

Ronnie and Georgia’s luxury four-bedder was first cab off the rank, selling for $3,696,000 – netting them a $296,000 profit over their reserve. The West Australian couple’s decision to put themselves first jeopardised their chances of winning but brought the Blockheads together and ensured a successful auction result for all couples.

Tanya and Vito’s mid-century home sold for $3,800,000.01 with the controversial couple walking away with $400,000.01. Beforehand, Tanya confessed to Australia that she indeed took the photo that led to the biggest cheating scandal in Australian TV history, after Josh and Luke came clean in an explosive final interview.

Tanya and Vito’s home was snapped up by Melbourne philanthropist Danny Wallis, adding to his Block property portfolio, purchasing three houses on auction day, including Mitch and Mark’s, Tanya and Vito’s, and Kirsty and Jesse’s, for a cool $12.2 million.

Danny said he planned to donate Tanya and Vito’s home to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity: “There’s always demand for accommodation for families with kids with cancer. I bought Daniel and Jade’s Block house last year and it’s always in use. Now I’ve bought another one for My Room to help support these kids.

My Room CEO Margaret Zita said: “Danny’s gift to My Room means we can continue to support families during their darkest days. When I got the call, it was so emotional and humbling, as we have seen the impact that the Brighton Block home has given to families. When you have a child with cancer, every moment counts and that is exactly what Danny Wallis’s generous gift to My Room is creating.”

In a result that vindicated the decision to swap their garage and master suite, Josh and Luke came in at second place, splitting $530,000 in prizemoney after selling their contemporary four-bedder for $3.93 million.

Australia’s sweethearts, Kirsty and Jesse, suffered through a nailbitingly slow final auction, who were in desperate need of some cash to renovate their half-finished Wangi Wangi home. In the end, Danny Wallis pulled through, purchasing the massive double-story Hamptons abode for $4,401,523.67, which was $301,523.67 above their reserve price.

The Block host Scott Cam said he went in to bat for the couples, to shave $100,000 off each of their reserve prices, after their agents expressed concern that the reserves were too high.

“I thought the reserves were a bit high and I was concerned they wouldn’t make a buck – they worked so hard, so I made a call and got $100,000 off all the reserve prices.

Ronnie and Georgia went first for the benefit of everyone, and then came last. The funny thing is that Mitch and Mark went first in The Oslo, and they came last in that season. These two selfless acts are really what is The Block is all about.  

“This season has been the biggest rollercoaster we’ve had in The Block’s 17-year history. We’ve had a cheating scandal, controversy with reserve prices, but also an incredible auction result that no one saw coming, with everyone leaving winners.”

In a Block first, a new promo revealed that the show would undergo a tree change in 2022, with contestants taking on 10 acres each in Victoria’s Macedon ranges, and in one final twist, Scotty will be renovating his own house there too.


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