The Block auction set for the weekend

The Block auction set for the weekend

Television’s biggest night of the year is here! Australia’s favourite renovation show, The Block, puts five incredible family homes under the hammer in the Grand Finale Auction this Sunday
After enduring the most challenging season ever, this year’s Blockheads Harry and Tash (VIC)Sarah and George (NSW), Daniel and Jade (SA)Luke and Jasmin (WA) and Jimmy and Tam (QLD) will battle it out in the most anticipated auctions ever. All five couples are vying to be crowned winners of The Block 2020 and take home a $100,000 bonus on top of whatever profit their home can make above reserve on auction day.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind, in a COVID-19 housing market is, will they all sell?

Host Scott Cam said: “Auction day is one of the most nervous days of my year. I think we are the only show on television that has absolutely no control over the finale. We are just sitting there hoping for the best in the COVID-19 property market.

“They really are the best houses we have done on The Block, four, five and six-bedroom family homes. All the Blockheads have sacrificed so much, this year more than ever. We always want them to walk away with a life-changing amount of money, but we just don’t know what will happen on Sunday.”

After winning a record six room reveals, Jimmy and Tam accumulated the most points throughout this year’s competition, earning them the super power of deciding the all-important lineup on auction day. They will reveal the make-or-break auctioneer’s order that could help some couples and cripple others.

Who will win the crown? Will it be father and daughter duo Harry and Tash with their uniquely laid out, 1920s-inspired home? Sarah and George, the self-proclaimed mad dogs from western Sydney with their 1940s renovation? Hard-working farmers Daniel and Jade, who have created a six-bedroom family home, their point of difference on The Block. Is that their winning weapon? What about Luke and Jasmin, who hope their house of curves will bring Western Australia its first win in Block history? Or the battlers from Brisbane, Jimmy and Tam, relying on their colourful 1950s, Palm Springs-inspired house to clinch the win?

In a year where nothing has been predictable, anything can and probably will happen in The Block Grand Finale Auction. To find out, join Scott Cam, Shelley Craft and the Blockheads this Sunday, November 22, at 7 o’Block on Nine and 9Now.

Since premiering on Channel Nine in 2003, The Block has distributed an astronomical cash total of $23,167,501 in prizemoney to contestants over 15 bumper series.

7pm Sunday on Nine