The Block: All Stars Grand Finale Recap

The Block: All Stars Grand Finale Recap


After six long weeks, four houses, nine all stars and one goal in mind- it’s time for a Block-tastic finale night! Thousands gathered for the open inspection, but only a few will bid. But which house will attract the highest bid of them all?

Fresh from the last room reveal, the contestants have one last lie in on The Block. Dale loves the idea that the hardest thing they have to do today is pack their clothes. The contestants then head off to see what each other have done for their exteriors.

There is much appreciation over Dale & Duncan’s backyard, which looks like a tropical paradise. Amity & Phil’s backyard is also praised, but the contestants notice some dog poo on the lawn! Say whaa-?

The contestants then finish packing up and prepare to leave. Everyone leaves in their cars, except Dale, who due to his late arrival, had to leave The Block, rather awkwardly, using different methods. After the break, we’re shown footage of the massive open inspection. Cue various series look backs. And as a bit of a treat, Ed Sheeran performs Lego House for the crowd!

We then endure some viewer competition I wasn’t really paying attention to. Kerry & Richard won $25,000 is all I know! Well done, Kerry & Richard!

With that all done, it’s time to get to the reserves. Mark & Duncan’s house gets a reserve of $1.345m. Phil & Amity’s is $1.375m. Dan & Dani’s is $1.355m. Josh & Jenna are at $1.375m. It’s now time to decide the auction order.

Dan & Dani volunteer to go first in order to auction before Josh & Jenna. But Josh & Jenna feel it should be done by lottery- involving everyone.

The order ends up going:

1. Josh & Jenna

2. Mark & Duncan

3. Dan & Dani

4. Phil & Amity

Oh, dear, for Dan & Dani.

It’s now time for the part we’ve been waiting for. The auction! To begin, Shelley gives away one of the funky Suzuki cars to a lucky winner. Scotty then leads a round of applause for Mark and his wife. Scotty announces that they have won a holiday to LA!

It’s time for the first auction- Josh & Jenna! It’s a slow start… a very slow start. Someone begins with $1.2m. It soon goes up to $1.3m. Can it go above reserve? A few more tips, it goes over reserve! This is a first for Josh & Jenna, as the only All-Star couple to have never made a profit. Things begin to speed up and soon, the couple have made over $100,000 in profit. In the end, Josh & Jenna end up with a profit of… $275,000!!

Next are Mark & Duncan. Again, it doesn’t take much to go above reserve. It was about to be called with just $5,000 profit, but then a bid comes out of nowhere and the money goes up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go higher than $25,000- which is equal to their last win. The result divides watchers on. Some are shocked and gutted while some are happy they got something. But everyone is in tears that such a team got such a low profit.

Third are Dan & Dani. Can they knock Josh & Jenna off top spot? They have Scott Kennedy-Green, who has won The Block for couples TWICE! He gets them up to reserve OK, but it lags from there. But only for a bit. They quickly rise to $100,000- and it keeps going from there. It gets to a point when everyone is on their phones. The house sells for $220,000! Not enough to win, but a whopper prize!

Now for the final auction- Phil & Amity! Now, here’s a bit of controversy. Phil & Amity promised in an Adelaide interview that the winning bidder will get a year of free promotion from Phil & Amity. This is a breach of the rules, so officers from the department of Fair Trading are present at this auction to make sure this doesn’t occur.

So, here it goes. Phil & Amity need $1.651m to win. They are soon at $150,000 profit. In a slower way, they get to $200,000. Then, some guy just bids ridiculously, putting them at $300,000! In the end, they get $295,000, which is equal to $395,000 with their $100,000 prize fund because…


Scotty closes the show by telling us The Block won’t be away for too long- with the show’s sixth season gearing up for after Easter.

Titled The Block: Sky High, the season will pit five teams from different states against each other. A clever ploy to keep The Block ahead of rival House Rules, who’s only point of difference was the state-based teams? I think so!


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