The Block 2020 Guest Ensuite Bathroom Reveal

The Block 2020  Guest Ensuite Bathroom Reveal

It’s another big reveal this week on The Block as they raced to deliver their Guest Ensuite Bathroom.

It’s 26 hours to room reveal and all our couples – except for Daniel and Jade who are attending his grandfather’s funeral – are working hard finishing their Guest Ensuite Bathroom.

At House No.5 Jimmy and Tam are on track to finish before midday on Saturday to win their lunch at the Brighton Baths.

Meanwhile at House. No.4 Luke reflects on his arguing with Keith, which has been going on all week on The Block. Keith arrives to sort it all out. Luke apologies and they hug it out. Is this the beginning of a bromance?

Dalton from A2 Milk arrives at The Block in his milk truck and makes the girls smoothies as they continue to work hard. Jimmy and Tam finish and make their lunch, a romantic meal for two.  They could not be happier about how things are going.

It looks like Luke and Jasmin are finally getting the hang of the 1910s brief, although Jasmin upsets some of the tradies, changing her opinion on their bathroom vanity a number of times.

Daniel and Jade arrive back on Saturday night the day of his grandfather’s funeral, wanting to help finish the room and make his grandfather proud.

We skip to Sunday morning and two hours before tool’s down and everyone is putting on the final touches. Luke and Jasmin had a very long night, not getting to bed until 4.30am.

It’s judging time for Guest Ensuite Week.

House No.1, Harry and Tash 1920s:  The judges praise the elevated roof and the Velux skylights, saying it gives the room a sense of grandeur. But that’s about it when it comes to positive comments. Mostly they struggle with the three different choices of tiles. The combination of all three tiles doesn’t work. There is also no under floor heating. Darren, Shaynna and Neale want Harry and Tash to pay attention to the brief. Harry and Tash spent $18,600 on the Guest Ensuite Bathroom this week.

Score 21.5/30

House No.2, Sarah and George 1940s: WOW is the first impression from all three judges. They loved the vanity and the styling and detailing was on point. The pink tiles were a wonderful nod to the 1940s and Shaynna loved the daggy slippers.  The tap ware is stunning. After a tough couple of weeks of feedback Sarah and George are very happy. Sarah and George spent $20,000 on the Guest Bathroom Ensuite this week.

Score 27/30

House No.3, Daniel and Jade, 1930s:  They liked the Hollywood style mirror but felt Daniel and Jade didn’t meet the 1930s brief at all. All three judges thought it was a great, generic and luxurious bathroom, but there were not enough nods to the 1930s and they didn’t hit the brief. However Daniel and Jade still love their bathroom and thinks it will appeal to the Brighton buyer. Is that more important? Daniel and Jade spent $24,900 on the Guest Ensuite Bathroom this week.

Score 23/30

House No.4, Luke and Jasmin, 1910s:  A relief with the judges as all three thought they redeemed themselves after last week’s disaster. Luke and Jasmin made a lot of last minute changes and it paid off. Darren was very happy after his visit earlier in the week with the Perth couple. Highlights including the VJ panelling and the Velux sky lights. However the judges would have liked more storage. Luke and Jasmin,  after a tough week, are very happy. They spent $25,300 on the bathroom this week.


House No.5 Jimmy and Tam:  Darren started off my saying it reminds him of a public pool and Jimmy was worried but he had nothing to worry about – it was in a good way.  They loved the Terrazzo stool and thought the room had a beautiful charm about it. Shaynna loved the sink. All three judges thought they nailed the 1950s brief this week. Tam is so happy that her and Jimmy, a plumber and a bar manager from Brisbane, are having a decent crack at The Block. Jimmy and Tam spent $15,700 on their bathroom this week.


Scotty reads the results – for the third week in a row, it’s Jimmy and Tam that take out the win.