The Block 2020 First Room Reveal

The Block 2020 First Room Reveal

.its a big first reveal for The Block last night.

It’s one day before room reveal and all our contestants are working on their guest bedrooms and painting has started.

Daniel and Jade in House No.3 are up at 5am, not surprising because they are farmers back in South Australia. Meanwhile Luke and Jasmin in House No.4 get a knock on the door at 7am but don’t rise until around 8am, despite the fact they have so much work to do!

Jimmy and Tam, who have been the early front-runners when it comes to organisation, are proud that they can actually do The Block. Our couple from Western Sydney, Sarah and George from House No.2, have lunch at the pub despite the fact they have not finished. Our disorganised father and daughter team of Harry and Tash get a nudge from Keith and Dan to start working on their house insulation.

Moving on it’s now room reveal morning and right up to the last minute until Scotty calls “tools down” the couples are working on their rooms, with last minute styling touch ups. They all hug each other and give each other high fives. There have been tears, tantrums and laughs, but all five couples go there in the end and are all-proud of finishing their rooms.

Now it’s back to HQ that is modelled on the Brighton Baths this year for the all-important Guest Bedroom room reveal judging by Darren, Shaynna and Neale.

House No.1, 1920s Harry and Tash: The judges were impressed how far the couple had come since their disasterous Beach Box attempt seven days ago. Darren loved the Velux lighting. Shyanna felt it was spacious. Neale thought it was a confident room. At HQ Harry and Tash are proud of what they have achieved in what was a tough week one on The Block.

Score 24/30

House No.2, 1940s Sarah and George: Overall the judges thought it was a good start but with lots to improve on. Darren loved the ceiling and the study. Shaynna didn’t like the period detailing and some of the styling. Neale thought it was “generous” but “dull.” Sarah and George are a bit deflated by the feedback.

Score 21/30

House No.3, 1930s Daniel and Jade: Nice feedback overall from our judges. Darren loved the pendant light that Jade discovered in the house earlier in the week. They all thought it was a great effort to begin with. Daniel and Jade are very happy, rightly so, with how they have done.

Score 25/30

House No.4 1910s Luke and Jasmin: The toughest feedback of The Block. The judges didn’t think it had any sense of the 1910s. They thought it was the least relevant room to the era theme they have seen today, and dull. Is Luke and Jasmin confused what the 1910s is? It looks like it. Jasmin isn’t happy at Shaynna’s comments and we are only in week one.

Score 20.5/30

House No.5, 1950s Jimmy and Tam: They loved the styling and Tam is showing very early promise. They thought it just fitted into the 1950s era, 1959. The best feedback so far, obviously Jimmy and Tam are very happy.

Score 25.5 /30

The results are in Jimmy and Tam take out the win and they are so excited. Meanwhile Luke and Jasmin are in last place have lots of work to do.