The Block 2018 who will get the penthouse?

It’s the first room reveal of the season so lets see who scores the penthouse?

The teams continue to finish their kids room, ready for judging. With only 10 minutes left on the 48-hour clock, it’s a race against time to make their rooms stand out. The stakes are high – with first choice of which apartment to renovate up for grabs.

Every team is feeling the pressure, and tensions are high as a result. Scotty whistles and calls toolsdown. All couples gather in apartment 3 to hear the judges feedback and scores. The Blocks resident judges Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker return to decide who wins todays sought after prize.

First couple to receive feedback is Kerrie and Spence who spent $7,820. Their design targeted a 12-14-year girl. They went for a simple, elegant look they named Modern Deco. The Judges were extremely impressed with builder Spence’s detailed coffered ceiling and couldn’t believe it was created within 48-hours. Neale liked their chosen colour palette, feeling it harps back to theoriginal era of the building but is also contemporary. Shaynna and Neale would have like to see more wall art. Overall, the judges think they are the team to be reckoned with.

The team who spent the most with a spend of $10,776 are Hayden and Sara. The couple describe their style as modern lux deco (MLD). Shaynna loved the wall niche and circus style bedhead. Neale thinks the room has a really lovely feel about it. Darren loved the rooms layout. The finish of the skirting boards and bad paint work near the desk, were Hayden and Sara’s only faults in the judge’s eyes. Sara is very happy with the feedback.

Up next are best friends and former competitive netballers Bianca and Carla. The pair spent $7278. Shaynna though they were adventurous to feature a dark ceiling. They could also see how magical the room would have looked with their pendant light on and understand how disappointing it would be for the girls, that it broke. Neale said it’s clever they made the room both a play and sleeping room. Darren likes the stone effect paint they used on the walls, but disliked the blanket box under the window and Shaynna disliked like the vast empty wall ‘Not a perfect room, but much to love’

Builder Norm and Radio Host Jess spent $5464. The couple were devastated they didn’t finish. The design and style of their room is for a young girl, inspired by the couple’s daughter. Neale could see a lot of thought and energy went into the look of the room. Shaynna loved the storage under the bed. Darren liked the vignette of artwork and shelving but didn’t like the bed being built-in under the window. The placement of the bed is dangerous and illegal.

Reno rookies Courtney and Hans spent $8411. The Aviation couple describe their room as quirky, hot air balloons, aeroplanes, adventure and travelling. Shaynna loves the colour palette. Darren thinks the couple have displayed a good show of effort, and the room is very cute and whimsical.

The judges were not impressed with the bad paint work, gap in the cabinetry and placement of a bench seat under a window.

The results out of 30. The winner of this challenge has first pick of the 5 apartments.

First place scoring 25 ½ is Hayden and Sara. They shock the group and select apartment 3 located on the second floor. They believe apartment 3 is the best one of the original building and like the concrete roof above as it blocks noise from your neighbours.

Second place on 24 ½ is Kerrie and Spence. In another shock move, they are the second team to bypass the penthouse and select apartment 1. The hardest apartment to sell. Apartment 1 has the safe and they are banking a lot on its mystery contents.

Coming in third on 22 points is Bianca and Carla, they chose apartment no 5 – the north facing penthouse with bay and city views. The girls can’t believe their luck, they’re so happy with their apartment choice.

Fourth place it’s Norm and Jess with a score of 20 out of 30. They’re ecstatic and just like the girls, can’t believe their luck. They chose the remaining penthouse – apartment 4, which also has city views. To come fourth and walk away with a penthouse these aussie battlers are over the moon.

Leaving Courtney and Hans with apartment 2, after coming 5th the couple have still scored well securing the largest apartment in the Block.

Scotty reminds the teams – the winner of this challenge, will be getting their budget back. In a new twist they will have to take if from one of their neighbors. Winners Hayden and Sara spent $10776, and have till 9am the following morning to decide which team they’ll take it back from.

The first room reveal of this competition is going to be main bathroom. The teams all go check out their new apartments. Kerrie and Spence open their safe. Inside is a 1 + point gnome, vouchers totaling up to $150,000 and a masterclass with Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Domain data scientist Dr Nicola Powell.

Kerrie and Spence are now the wealthiest couple on the Block with the contents of their safe valued up to $150,000 – The couple think it’s only fair for Sara and Hayden take the $10776 out of their budget and quickly approach them with the news.

The following morning, is day one of Main bathroom week. Forman’s Keith and Dan visit each team in their apartments to deliver their floorplans. The plans reveal these apartments are huge, averaging 240 sqm between them and it’s going to be a massive build for every couple.

Reno rookies Courtney and Han’s are off to a bad start this week. After working so hard on their challenge apartment over the weekend, their builder has fallen ill and can’t work for them this morning. Dan advises Courtney to get all her shopping done while Hans tries to get them another builder. Finally, the couple have lift off, when they land themselves Dave the builder from Sydney.

Jess comes up with secret weapon for their bathroom – a 2.5-meter Japanese maple tree. To give their bathroom a wow factor, Bianca and Carla’s spend up big on a stone feature wall. Everyone goes shopping in Reece to select their bathroom items. Hayden and Sara are interested in the same vanity as Kerrie. Hayden thinks about their purchase to long and misses out on the vanity as Kerrie buys the only one in-store, much to Sara’s disappointment.

As day 1 of bathroom week draws to an end, Keith and Dan are surprised by everyone’s lack of progress. All five teams have not done any construction. Tomorrow all teams will need to bring their A game.