The Block 2018 Master ensuites leads to meltdown

The Block 2018 Master ensuites leads to meltdown

Something has been brewing on The Block for weeks and last nights judging tipped one team over the edge.

It’s the morning before the reveal of the master ensuites, with just 26 hours before the judges arrive, our couples have kicked it up a gear and the Block is in overdrive. In apartment three, after coming last two weeks in a row Hayden and Sara are pinning all their hopes on a bathroom fit for royalty. The price tag of this bathroom is the highest ever seen on the Block, they’ve invested a massive $75,000 to make it ashowstopper. Their design includes charcoal floor to ceiling tiles on the walls, one marble feature wall, and a costly herringbone marble floor. The centrepiece is their bespoke brass bath and they’re so excited about installing it. A problem arises with their shower screen glass, it’s not to code and doesn’t have the right  support. At the last moment they decide to build a bulkhead for it…and they must do this without power tools. It gets done, the bath goes in and Sara cries because it’s so beautiful. These two can’t afford not to win this week

After a debacle with their face level storage cabinet, Jess has now managed to track down a cabinet maker overnight. Norms builder Mick collects it from Geelong at crack of dawn and they put it in. The night before at the pub builder Mick also met a glazer who could install mirrors on their cabinets…Wining! They are loving their bathroom, especially the marble that a Saudi Arabian King supposedly has. They’re installing Amazon Alexa throughout the apartment and Jess jokes about being jealous of Norms love for her. The installer comes in early to programme Alexa, after Jess hugs him he drops and breaks his computer. Unable to fix it in time, he can’t set up Alexa today for judging. Shower screen issues continue in apartment four, after the wrong measurement for the glass was given, these guys have no door on their shower.

This week Kerrie from apartment one hopes her styling will finally be a hit with the judges. Spence has come to the realisation he can’t do everything himself and has additional trades into help. This has paid dividends as their ensuite is travelling along well, tiles are done, no problems with their glass install, everything is looking the goods. They currently have possession of the bonus one-point gnome and may use it if they are close to top of leader board. If it all comes down to Kerrie’s styling they’re not confident, as they’ve struggled with it in the past.


Another shower screen rears its ugly head. Courtney Hans is nearly ready to go in, but they are hit with the same problem as Hayden and Sara. Foremen Keith and Dan think their glass pane is not to code and seek clarification from the building surveyor. Hans is caught in a holding pattern until they get confirmation that it’s not up to code. They also decide to build a bulkhead to support the shower screen which brings it back to code.


Bianca and Carla’s wall tiles are up, and they are finally looking good after some waterproofing issues set them back earlier in the week. In a bid to save some money, they are having a grouting lesson care of Mitre 10. Carla really takes to it and does an amazing job and received compliments. Their glass goes in with no trouble. Their face level storage, which was a negative for their Main bathroom, is in this week.


Most of the team’s paint and style into the early hours of the morning. With 10 minutes to go the girls shower screen is just going in as their builder Macca didn’t want them to risk breaking it while they painted. Scott arrives and calls tools down and everyone meets him at HQ for the judge’s feedback. Darren is absent today; Block founding judge John McGrath returns to cover for him.


First up is Kerrie and Spence. The judges think they’ve upped their game since main bathroom week and love the subtle details they’ve introduced. In particular the herringbone marble feature wall, vanity and the ample storage. It’s all pretty positive, only mark down was for the colour of their black floor wastes against white tiles.

Score 26.5/30


Second to receive feedback is Courtney and Hans. After winning the main bathroom the pressure is on for these two. Their bathroom is large, and the judges feel size equals luxury, however the vanity isn’t large enough in proportion to the space. Shaynna likes the terrazzo but John thinks it might polarize the buyer.

The judges like the bath, basins, fitting and fixtures but don’t like the bulkhead. The styling is not luxe enough, which lets them down.

Score 24/30


Next is Hayden and Sara. The judges were absolutely blown away by the bath they loved it, Shaynna even squealed when she laid eyes on it. Shaynna also loved the herringbone floor tile and thinks that was money well spent. But the rest of bathroom was not coming together for the judges. They didn’t like the dark wall tiles as they closed the room in. John felt there was too much black, with the tiles, cabinetry and tapware all black. There are issues with the layout, having a toilet upon entry and the shower screen which looms up in your face. They call the ensuite a mixture of triumph and disaster and Shaynna thinks they need to be mentored offers her styling services.

Score 22/30

Fourth is Norm and Jess. The judges loved the marble, colour palette, storage, ceiling height and finishes. But didn’t think the scale of the room was working, it didn’t need a double vanity or such a large shower and the missing shower screen door was an issue. They also thought the styling needed to be more luxe.

Score  23/30

Last but not least in penthouse apartment 5, Bianca and Carla.. Shaynna felt immediately calm upon entry and Neale agreed the room evokes a calming feel. For them the room feels sophisticated and they loved the timber vanity which complements the marble benchtop and feature wall. Neale said the style is simplicity, where less is more. However, some design choices promote form over function, the drain looks good but would easily clog. John McGrath thinks the room is pretty close to flawless.

Score 27/30

After playing their bonus point Kerry and Spence win guest bedroom week, taking home a $10,000 cash
prize from Volkswagen. Hayden and Sara are absolutely gutted. After coming last Sara loses it and wants to leave The
Block…permanently but will she go?