The Biggest Loser’s Final 4 Revealed

The Biggest Loser’s Final 4 Revealed

The Biggest Loser has found it’s final four in a truly heartbreaking episode.

Husband and wife team Kerry and Toni Stockwell were forced to say goodbye to each other when Kerry, 49, was eliminated from The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia. Kerry , lost a total weight loss of 36.7 kilograms.

Earlier during the weigh-in, the stress of making it through to the final four became too much for contestant Sharon. The realisation that she may lose another member of the “awesome foursome” became too much for Sharon and she stormed out of the weigh-in room in tears.

In the end, it was Katrina and Kerry who found themselves below the yellow line. Kerry had been one of the toughest competitors but he fell short of this week’s weigh-in (losing only 700 grams) and was sent packing.

 Kerry’s departure leaves  Toni, Sharon, Katrina and Craig to fight it out for the 2014 Biggest Loser title.

The Finale of The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia airs Sunday, April 13, 6.30pm on Ten




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