The Biggest Loser The Next Generation Launch Recap

I have always been intrigued by TEN’s scheduling of The Biggest Loser, usually starting at the top of the year, when you’re already aiming towards your own summer body. This year, TEN tries something different by slotting in a MasterChef spinoff that was delicious it’s like saying let us help you stack on the weight so you can take part too. So, on that note let’s get on board the journey of the Next Generation.

This season things are a little different. This year involves seven family teams, each comprising of two members, desperate to change their eating habits.

We meet the contestants on a bus and instantly curiosity is raised as to where they are heading. One contestant suggests the pub. Um, really? Another safely assumes they are heading to The Biggest Loser house. But nope, we are not going there either. Eventually the bus pulls up outside the Whitlam Leisure Club.

Once the contestants are inside we see the trainers for the first time where it is revealed that for the past week the trainers have been secretly observing all of their eating habits.

There needs to be change to how much they influence each over so the contestants are here to make a promise in front of 3000 people.

That promise could be to themselves, their partner or something that helps them get through the time at Camp Biggest Loser or something more long term.

It seems that teams have now been given their coloured shirts so from here on out I shall refer to them by their colour and names to make things easier.

GERALD AND TODD: Father and Son, VIC (Green Team)

SAM AND JESS: Father and Daughter, QLD (Red Team)

MANDY AND BRETT: Mother and Son, WA (Grey Team)

RICHARD AND AMBER-ROSE: Father and Daughter, QLD (Blue Team)

JANET AND KIRSTEN: Mother and Daughter, VIC (Pink Team)

ROBYN AND KATIE: Mother and Daughter, TAS (Orange Team)

CHRIS AND MARK: Father and Son, VIC (Black Team)

After the break the trainers welcome the crowd and explain what’s going on.

First up to make their promise is the orange team and Katie’s a little nervous. She looks like she’s about to throw up While Robyn is excited.

Katie needs to get her confidence back. Robyn admits that they are both here because she deals with her emotions by eating and it’s gotten out of control. She’s ashamed that it affected her family.

Katie says she doesn’t blame her mum as she should have said no and she promises to get in control and reach her goals. The Commando jumps up on the stages and promises to help them.

Next up is team green, Gerald and Todd. Todd is extremely nervous while Gerald is terrified but realises he needs to be strong as Todd is 15. We discover that Gerald has a daughter as well who has spinal bifida and had open heart surgery to survive and due to this he has been there for his daughter but not Todd. This is the reason why Todd is overweight. He promises to make sure for the rest of his life he is there for Todd. Todd talks about how he is bullied and would come home and eat. So he promises to lose the weight and tell the bullies to take a look at him after this.

Next up is the pink team, Janet and Kirsten. In a video introduction, we see that their relationship is rocky and they don’t get along so well. Janet goes up on the stage and starts to talk about how life has a purpose and a plan for them. One of the trainers, Shannon, stands up and heads to the stage and hugs Janet. She promises to support her daughter, family and many others. She also includes grandchildren to which Kirsten replies not yet.

Kirsten says this is just the chance they need to reconnect again and promises to be a strong team and to support her and be amazing.

Up next, the grey team, MANDY AND BRETT. Mandy promises that they are gonna come out at the end of this and be healthier and happier people. Brett says that they will smash it.

Blue team’s Amber-Rose promises to find the happy person that is hiding within her while father Richard promises Amber that he will be the support that she needs and to pick her up if she falls down.

Next up is the black team where father Mark says today is gonna be the first day of the rest of his life while son Chris says he’s never gonna be this size again.

Last but not least is the red team. Jess promises to make her father proud, now 3 months and 10 years down the track. While Sam promises that he is here to support her 100% and states that life gets better from this point on. After the challenge Sam feels like a huge weight has been lifted and they are ready for anything.

The Commando tells us that the day isn’t over yet back on the bus as we head to part 2 of the challenge. Usually, the contestant don’t face there fears until the end of the competition. This year, they’re doing it from day one. The contestants do a bit of bushwalking. What faces them is the mother of all fear-inducing challenges- a leap off of a large ravine. They must take the leap of faith, and plunge into the water below. Mandy has a fear of water, which brings out the waterworks of the grey team immediately. Can they jump?

The problem is, these contestants simply won’t be let into the house if they don’t jump. Their places in the competition will only be guaranteed if they swim over the river. Todd from the green team has a fear of heights. He is helped when the Commando tells him he shares the same fear. Unfortunately for Todd, the first team over the ten-metre high cliff is the green team! They take the plunge with ease. Todd actually wants to do it again!

Now that the boys have done it, Sam and Jess from the red team are next. They seem pretty keen to do this, and they do it with ease also. Sam wants to leave all his excuses and laziness at the top of the cliff. Not content on sending two teams off the side of the cliff, the trainers pull up Mandy and Brett to go off next. Mandy hesitates after Brett goes. Without support going down, Shannan goes in with Mandy. After a bit of tough love, Mandy is off and over. In the end, she didn’t even need Shannon to go in with her. Up next are Robyn and Katie.

They jump in fine, as do the rest of the contestants. The trainers follow suit to the cheers of the contestants. It’s now time to get in that house! It’s probably the most glamorous looking house we’ve ever seen. Complete with an English style garden and a glamorous royale front, it’s certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing for these contestants. Hayley Lewis steps out to greet them all to the competition, and she looks just the part. She confirms that they will compete as couples for the entire time and this year, there will be TWO Biggest Losers. The winners will grab $200,000.

Before they enter the house, there’s one more thing they have to do. It’s time to weigh in! The new weigh in room looks bigger and more futuristic than ever before. It’s as bright as it is dark. This is fantastic. It’s time to weigh in.

Of course, The Biggest Loser being The Biggest Loser, we’re not getting to that tonight!

This was a joint recap compiled with the help of Courtney