The Biggest Loser The Next Generation Challenge Recap

The Biggest Loser The Next Generation Challenge Recap

Ok, so last night was full of tearful weigh ins and a very full on workout. So let’s see what the final episode of the week brings.

The teams are as follows

GERALD AND TODD: Father and Son, VIC (Green Team)

SAM AND JESS: Father and Daughter, QLD (Red Team

MANDY AND BRETT: Mother and Son, WA (Grey Team)

RICHARD AND AMBER-ROSE: Father and Daughter, QLD (Blue Team)

JANET AND KIRSTEN: Mother and Daughter, VIC (Pink Team)

ROBYN AND KATIE: Mother and Daughter, TAS (Orange Team)

CHRIS AND MARK: Father and Son, VIC (Black Team)


All the contestants are sitting in the lounge room chilling after a hectic week. The contestants are asking questions of the trainers when in walks Hayley. Everyone is surprised to see her. She invites everyone outside so she can make an announcement. The contestants are reminded that the first weigh in is coming up everyone is incredibly nervous.

This is why Hayley is here. She’s about to offer them the chance for no one to go home but as always, there’s a catch. If the contestants collectively lose 100kg, then no one will go home. Roughly, they have to lose 7kg each. So on that note, it’s time to train.

Shannon has the pink and grey teams for another session and Kirsten is terrified about what the session involves. Shannon tells us that the goal is achievable but it’s going to take time and effort. Brett is doing a circuit type thing, Mandy’s going up and down on a step and Janet is on the treadmill. Shannon goes to talk to Janet about Kirsten calling her a hypocrite at the weigh in.

Janet admits she was gutted and no parent expects to hear that from their child. Shannon asks what she would like to hear Kirsten say to her. She replies that she would like to hear an ‘I love you’ and that she is respected and seen as a role model.

The Commando needs a 2 I.C. (Second In Command, for those abbrevionistas at home). He picks Katie. Robyn is very nervous but proud at the same time Katie was chosen because her goal is to be in the army and she’s a natural born leader. Katie accepts the role and admits she hasn’t had anyone depend on her for a long time.

The black, green and orange team then get to work. With the Black team using sandbag as weights, Todd and Gerald (the green team) do some push-ups in the sand. Robyn and Katie are doing laps. The training session is all about encouragement.

Michelle has the red and blue teams on treadmills and she wants to take the training to the next level so she increase the speed and incline. After doing a little work out with the weights, Amber starts to have a panic attack. It gets so bad the medic has to be called. Michelle refers to her as a princess who’s allowed to get away with whatever she wants anytime something got hard. She says Amber turns on the tears so people will go to her rescue.

Michelle wants to know what she is panicking about as Amber can’t respond. Michelle says the following; ‘Yes, I’m afraid of war. Yes, I’m scared of earthquakes. Yes, I’m scared of cancer. A workout? No. Now get on that bench!’ I Love angry Michelle.

Over at the fight club, Janet has been all over the shop today. One minute, she wants to stop while the next minute, she goes faster, so Shannon tells her to slow down. She needs stability and consistency in her life. Janet admits in her life there is no slowing down. It’s volatile like her relationship with her daughter.  Eventually, she is able to calm down and complete the session and Shannon is impressed with the character Janet has shown.

Back at the Sand Pit and Gerald is smashing it. His commitment is inspiring. Now, everyone is at the weight station with the sand bags and Katie is going to lead the circuit. As the contestants go through each station Katie is sounding like The Commando and doing brilliantly. She slows down just a little for Gerald’s benefit so that he can keep up as they are a team.

While at the jogging station, when it’s time to rest, Gerald doesn’t stop. Eventually, the Commando tells him to slow down. Upon doing so, it seems like he’s about to collapse but they are able to get him calm and the session continues.

Amber returns to training and shows that she is determined by finishing the session. Jess is struggling and she’s hurting and wants out. She’s over all of it but she manages to battle through the pain and complete the training but she’s about to tell Michelle she’s going home.

Michelle arrives at the house to talk to Jess about it. Jess admits that there are lots of reasons she wants to stay but there are also reasons she wants to go. Jess shocks Michelle by admitting that she can’t even complete jigsaw puzzles without getting bored. Michelle asks Jess about her promise which was that she would do her best and that she wants a life which involves her being fit and healthy and has children. Michelle tells her that is why she needs to stay and get help. All she needs to do is have some belief in herself and them as a team.

The next day, the contestants are off to their first ever challenge. The teams are expecting a big first challenge. They all head to the airport. In comes a whopper of a fighter jet. They won’t be pulling the jet; they are pulling ALL the weight that’s been loaded into a container- all 1.8T of it! Yep- the combined weight of ALL the contestants.

But this is no pulling task- it’s a drag race. And they’ll be racing against a L-93 Australia Fighter Jet! Commando will be co-pilot of this plane.

Here’s how it works, the contestants will have to drag the weight 500m down a track before the fighter jet the Commando is in flies back from a round trip to Canberra. It should be able to complete that journey in 30 minutes.

If they win, all contestants will win a half kilo advantage. That’s quite a few kilos taken off that all-important 100kg non-elimination mark.

Soon enough, Hayley signals go and the challenge is on! The hardest half an hour of these guy’s lives had begun. Some contestants are pushing the weight at the back. Some are pulling the weight at the front. Katie is doing well at commanding the team. As a former cadet, this is her role.

The team are off to a flying start, but it doesn’t last. After a couple of minutes, the team loses momentum and the plane stops moving. Meanwhile, the Commando’s plane does a few acrobatics up in the air.

After picking up the momentum again, they begin to discuss their experiences being picked last for teams.

As the contestants get ahead of time, the Commando radios in to let them all know he is on the way back! Later on, Katie’s ‘motivational yelling’ begins to grate on the others, particularly Sam. Even Michelle thinks she is losing it. She begins to get very into the yelling as well, but they keep stopping.

Michelle thinks this is proof that they are not working as a team. She gets them to stop and gives them a small pep talk before absolutely throttling them with instructions and motivation. Can they make it? They all stop at 10m to go as the Commando begins to descend into the airport. This is going to be tight.

Somehow, they make it with mere seconds to spare!

This recap was again compiled with the help of Courtney.


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