The Biggest Loser Schedule Update

The Biggest Loser Schedule Update

Heads up Loser fans you are about to play lets follow the show around the schedule.

A double episode which includes the show’s first elimination will screen 6:30 Sunday This is due to sport taking up the usual 7:30 Tuesday slot.

It’s Last chance training and one team now has a two-kilo advantage for the challenge. Nerves are setting in as contestants get set for their first competitive weigh-in. One contestant pulls the highest weight loss percentage ever in the first week. One team wins the weigh-in and must decide on the spot which two people to put up for elimination. Emotions run high as they try and figure out who to put up for nomination. One contestant will be given a second chance, the other will be eliminated.

In the aftermath of the elimination, one team is less than pleased to see the surviving contestant walk back into the room. One contestant actually storms out saying they made the wrong choice.

Back in the house, it’s temptation time. Contestants head out to the duck pond where a country fair has been set up. With all the foods they would find back in Ararat. Up for grabs is $30,000.

It proves tempting for three contestants. One contestant in, fact, goes all the way, eating over 3,000 calories to win the $30,000. But there’s always a catch: if the contestant wants to take the cash, it comes out of the town kitty. They will be robbing the town. Hayley gives them from now until the weigh-in to make their decision.

The show also airs 7:30 Monday this week. In the  week, of February 9 the show will screen 7:30 Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.



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