The Biggest Loser makes history as contestants weigh in

The Biggest Loser makes history as contestants weigh in

Last night The new season of The Biggest Loser made history.

With a new understanding of the danger of their unhealthy lifestyles, the contestants entered their second week with a determination to improve their health and change their lives.

At  the first competitive weigh-in of the season, contestant Johnee Auvale achieved the biggest individual weight-loss in TBL Australia history.

Shedding a staggering 17.4 kilograms from his 215.7 kilogram frame, the season’s biggest contestant is well on his way toward achieving his weight-loss dreams. A proud Johnee said: “There are still 30 years worth of stuff that we’ve got to work on. But the first day of training set the benchmark. “I always told my wife that I was going to make my mark here. And there it is. I’ve made history.”

The TBL Families contestants have lost a total of 156.7 kilograms since entering Camp TBL, which equates to 7.65% of their total body weight.

 The Biggest Loser Familes airs 7:30 pm Sunday-Tuesday on Ten.