The Biggest Loser kicks off next week

Ten has locked in The Biggest Loser Transformed to begin next week.

The Biggest Loser has changed the lives of countless Australians and now this iconic and inspirational series returns to Network Ten in its most empowering season to date – The Biggest Loser: Transformed.


This year, 16 everyday Australians with relatable weight issues will transform into the happiest, fittest and best versions of themselves. Their weight-loss goals are within reach, but the very real pressures and stresses of everyday life including money, work, kids and relationships have taken priority.


Hosted by international model and former The Biggest Loser contestant Fiona Falkiner, along with two of Australia’s leading trainers and fitness professionals, Shannan Ponton and Libby Babet, The Biggest Loser: Transformed gives Australians the motivation and tools to be the best they can be. Incredible and jaw-dropping transformations emerge as the 16 contestants undertake a complete overhaul of mind, body and soul – and change their lives forever.

Dynamic new food challenges will form an integral part of the contestants’ success, along with epic physical tests.

This series also takes the unique approach of helping people transform how they think and feel, as well as how they look.

Under the guidance of resident psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, the contestants will learn about body image, “self-love” and the impact weight and fitness has on their overall health. Split into two teams, one set of contestants will be transformed from the inside out by veteran trainer of The Biggest Loser, Shannan Ponton. Helping the other team will be brand new trainer Libby Babet. Vivacious, experienced and with boundless enthusiasm, Libby is excited to bring her energy to the series and is ready to take on the contestants – and Shannan.

Each of the contestants has a personal goal to hit, whether it is the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time, date again or feel beautiful in their wedding dress. Each contestant has a dream that many Australians will relate to. And each contestant is determined to turn their dream into reality.

7:30pm Tuesday from March 14 and continues Wednesday and Thursday nights