The Biggest Loser gives away $20,000

The Biggest Loser gives away $20,000

It was every woman and man for themselves on TBL Families last week, when host Fiona Falkiner announced that the competition was switching from Families to Singles.

Even more dramatic was the news that the contestant with the biggest weight loss at tonight’s weigh-in would collect a massive $20,000. With big prize money up for grabs, the contestants went above and beyond in an attempt to take home the cash.

Daniel Jofre has been at the top of the leaderboard for four weeks now. But when it was revealed tonight that his brother Tony had lost 5.4 kilograms or 5.2% of his body weight, Daniel was bumped from the top position.


Learning he had won a small fortune, Tony said: “I’m shaking… $20,000 is great for the family. It shows how hard we work and it’s paying off. I want to see everyone here, inside the house or outside the house, reach their goal weights. That’s why we came here.”

 TBL Families airs 7:30 pm Sunday – Tuesday on Ten