The Biggest Loser Fears Week May 19-22

The Biggest Loser Fears Week May 19-22

It’s a super-sized week as The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation contestants head overseas for an epic adventure full of heart-stopping challenges that will stretch each of them to their absolute limit. Up for grabs is a golden ticket straight through to the finale.


Sunday 19 May, 7.30pm

Never has last chance training been so important. With a half-kilo penalty and regrets about how they played the challenge, one team train until they are sick in an epic outdoor training session.

During elimination, alliances are broken and favorites are sent packing.

Monday 20 May
, 7.30pm

Arriving in New Zealand for Fears Week, the contestants are met by Commando who issues them with their very first fear facing challenge – jump out of the chopper into a nearby lake from 10 metres above the water. As nerves kick in, one contestant is crippled with fear and can’t go through with it. How will they fare for the rest of the trip, if this is just the first challenge?


Tuesday 21 May, 7.30pm

Leg two of this week’s epic four-part adventure race begins: after a 5km farm run, teams must build a raft with the materials supplied then cross a river where a letter will be waiting for them. The next day, all contestants arrive for the next leg of the adventure race. Leg three consists of a 10km bike race, whitewater rafting and canyoning. Who will make it through?


Wednesday 22 May, 7.30pm

The final day of the adventure race has arrived. Leg four consists of an inflatable canoe race then a run with a difference: halfway through they will carry a backpack with the weight they’ve lost since day one.

The weight of their backpack causes havoc with the contestants’ now slimmer and fitter bodies, as some collapse and others incur injuries. Who will win the golden ticket and a free pass through to the finale?


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