The Biggest Loser Episode 9 Challenge time

The Biggest Loser Episode 9 Challenge time


Janet & Kirsten won a visitor’s pass from The Fridge. But who exactly has come to visit?

We return to Janet & Kirsten’s ‘visitor’ reveal. So, who is it? They seem to think it’s some fitness nut or past contestants.

They’re just family members…carrying flowers! No big deal. It’s Janet’s husband, Robert and Kirsten’s boyfriend, Liam. The pink team give the yellow team the flowers as thanks for picking them to take The Fridge.

Unlucky for the loved ones, they will be participating, with the pink team, in a training session with Shannan. Robert is definitely shocked with what they’ve been told to do. Shannan is happy that Liam is bringing the best fight out of Kirsten. How lovely. But is Janet doing as well? She’s still caught up in how her weight’s affecting her husband.

After a bit of cardio, they move on to do a bit of boxing. This is where Robert brings the best out of Janet. What a wonderful session!

Meanwhile, Michelle trains the light blue team, the grey team and the blue team. She has the contestants on stations. Richard is on the treadmill and that’s where he will remain as he fends off his back injury. Michelle focusses on keeping pressure on Kevin. She really does lay into him.

Rosemary was being a bit of a softy-parent by struggling to look at Kevin without feeling angry that he was almost in tears. Luckily, Kevin is able to keep up…barely!

She now tries to get Richard to push by upping his incline on the treadmill. He refuses at first, but he soon puts it up. Michelle then bickers with him about him being so argumentative.

‘Richard wonders why Amber backchats him so much,’ she says.

‘They’re cut from the same cloth. Richard just does not shut up!’

She soon shuts him up with a warning- she’s the trainer, she calls the shots.

Later, the pink team say goodbye to their visitors. It’s a sad event, but I’m sure Robert and Liam are happy to never have to do a session with Shannan ever again! Janet isn’t teary because she found their visit to be so positive.

We then see the Commando train the rest of the teams. He wants to make either the yellow, orange or black team Biggest Loser of next week. He organises a kids vs. adults training session. The main powerhouse in this session today is Mark, who impresses the Commando and the other contestants. Cher also seems to have a bit of a breakthrough. Hopefully all this is translated well on the scales.

After the break, it’s time for Brett to return! Shannan knows that this would be a good excuse for Brett to just leave the competition, but he decides to stay. He will be in the cast for six weeks, but it could be months before his hand returns to normal. Shannan promises to plan a training routine around the broken wrist.

Later, Shannan talks nutrition with the contestants. His class is about breakfast. Sounds to me like a commercial based around breakfast.

It’s now time for the challenge! In the garden, there are some structures. There are walls for each of the contestants with a chain and a suspended trough full of water on it. Hayley tells them that this challenge will test their physical and mental strength.

The contestants will have the chain tied to their wrist. The chain is up high, so they have to have their hand held high. If they pull the chain down, the water will be dumped on them. They will also be standing on a balance beam. If their feet touch the ground, they will also be out of the game. The winner will be the last one standing, and they will win immunity.

Kevin struggles from the get go. They don’t last long at all. Blue team are out straight away. Rosemary is not happy at all! Chris and Mark are next to drop after Chris’ foot touches the ground. The other couples are happy the black team are out! The next teams that look like they will drop are the struggling light blue and grey teams. In the end, the grey team drop the ball and are out third.

The yellow and orange team are now struggling with the light blue team about to drop! Amber is crying and is trying not to quit. Richard constantly asks her if she wants to drop. Richard ends up dropping his arm, annoying Amber and making her pissy. She even has a go at Mark!

The orange team are next to drop out of nowhere, leaving the yellow, green and pink team still fighting. The remaining three teams are all struggling now. Gerald tries to trick the pink team into thinking there is a spider below them.

All of a sudden, the green team falls, leaving the pink and yellow teams in the race for immunity.

Who will win?! All of a sudden, Cher drops it, giving the pink team immunity!

It’s been a pretty dramatic week, now there’s nothing else to do but to weigh in!


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