The Biggest Loser Episode 6 Recap Marathon Challenge

The Biggest Loser Episode 6 Recap Marathon Challenge

After an emotional and action-packed episode, The Biggest Loser contestants are back into training and gearing up for yet another huge challenge! What does this episode have in store for them?

For reference

GERALD AND TODD: Father and Son, VIC (Green Team)

SAM AND JESS: Father and Daughter, QLD (Red Team

MANDY AND BRETT: Mother and Son, WA (Grey Team)

RICHARD AND AMBER-ROSE: Father and Daughter, QLD (Teal Team)

JANET AND KIRSTEN: Mother and Daughter, VIC (Pink Team)

ROBYN AND KATIE: Mother and Daughter, TAS (Orange Team)

CHRIS AND MARK: Father and Son, VIC (Black Team)

ANITA AND CHER: Mother and Daughter, QLD (Yellow Team)

ROSEMARY AND KEVIN: Mother and Son, QLD and NSW (Blue Team)


Cher and Anita are preparing some breakfast before Shannan rings and sets them some homework for after dinner- 10km on the treadmill and 10km on the cross trainer! Will these guys actually do it? Well, Anita is able to do it, but Cher finds it difficult and fails to finish. The next day, they face up to Shannan who gives them a pretty big belting. Cher breaks down, calling the task hard. Anita felt let down by Cher but knows she has it in her.

Shannan promises to familiarise them to pain and discomfort. With that, we enter the training! Shannan thinks Anita punched like a champ in the session but Cher feels like she can’t keep up with her mother. She ends up quitting the treadmill after her knee starts hurting. She gets back on and promises she won’t quit.

Out in the sandpit, The Commando is training the grey, black and blue teams. Yep, he has Big Kev under his wing! He has no idea what to expect. Neither of them do! Kevin struggles at times, frustrating The Commando. The Commando thinks he doesn’t have time to waste…well, time! It isn’t good enough. After some more training, Kevin completely gives up. He looks like a bit of a baby. There’s not much Commando can do, considering how but Kevin is.

To Michelle’s gym and she has the rest of the contestants. She uses their loved ones as motivation to get them moving. The emotions of the previous day still hit Katie, who tries to set goals while training and crying. She wants to join the army.

After all the training, it’s time for a challenge. The contestants head to a bridge where Hayley is waiting. The black team are excited. They are in the Royal National Park. They will be competing in an event that leaves even the strongest of competitors begging for mercy. They’ll be taking part in The Biggest Loser Half-Marathon- 21km! Janet is so petrified, she is crying!

The good news is they will be split into three teams and can share the load between them. They all have to complete at least three kilometres! The teams are:

TEAM SHANNAN- Gerald & Todd (Green), Mandy & Brett (Grey) and Cher & Anita (Yellow)

TEAM COMMANDO: Robyn & Katie (Orange), Mark & Chris (Black) and Kevin & Rosemary (Blue)

TEAM MICHELLE: Sam & Jess (Red), Richard & Amber (Teal) and Janet & Kirsten (Pink)

Hayley then tells them that this will be frustrating because they will all be tethered to their loved one! The winning team will guarantee all members a 1kg weight advantage each!

Black, Teal and Green are off first! The first portion of the race seems to be between the teal and black teams. The green team come out of nowhere as some of the teams slow down. They’re doing well.

In the end, the teal team get to the halfway mark first and begin the run back. The green team are next, followed by the black team. The black team are just walking, frustrating the Commando.  The teal and green team know how to run! The teal team get there first, with Pink running next. Mandy & Brett take over for team Shannan and the orange team pick up the slack for Team Commando.

The Commando gets the orange team to get in front as Brett and Mandy let Team Shannan down a bit. Shannan has a hard time getting Brett running. Brett thinks he is doing 110 per cent, but Shannan thinks it is more like 60 per cent. Shannan is pushing him to get him running, but soon he explodes, lashing out at Shannan.

Back at the front, the Commando gets his girls to overtake the pink team. Team Commando return in first place, a stark contrast, followed by team Michelle. Kevin & Rosemary and Sam & Jess take over from the respective teams. Unfortunately for Sam, he is reduced to walking due to an injury, but Michelle is impressed to see him giving all he can. Finally, Shannan gets Brett and Mandy back. Team green are off AGAIN! Shannan is just in awe of Gerald, whose body is riddled with injuries yet he continues to push! Meanwhile, Commando is impressed with Kevin.

Later, Mark & Chris run their second lap (this is a considerable amount of time later) but Mark is annoyed that Chris isn’t running far. They get into a bit of a biff! No surprise Commando sides with Mark on this issue.

Janet and Kirsten are running and while they are hurting, they find it goes away after a while. Shannan is currently helping Cher and Anita. Cher is struggling but keeps going for her mother. They make it to the end without stopping. Brett and Mandy are next, and again they are walking. Robyn and Katie are running for Commando and is doing better! Shannan pulls Brett aside to give him a pep talk in the hopes it helps him walk farther.

This time around, Katie struggles, bursting into tears. Commando helps them get back on form and wants them to do another lap. They don’t think they can do it. When they get back, they change their mind and do a second lap. Will they regret this decision?

Everything in Katie’s head was urging her to stop- but she keeps going. On team Michelle, Amber is starting to break down. Back to the Commando and Robyn is urging her daughter to keep going because everything is hurting.

Michelle’s team comes home first, sending Janet and Kirsten on their last leg. Robyn & Katie return next with Mark & Chris taking on Commando’s last leg. The gap between the teams has closed. So, who will win?

Chris runs better, helping the team out, but Kirsten and Janet are unstoppable. Michelle’s team eventually win the challenge. Black team are second with Shannan’s team coming last!

Team’s red, teal and pink will all have a 1kg weight advantage going into the weigh in.

Speaking of, join us on Sunday for the recap!


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