The Biggest Loser Episode 4 First Weigh In

The Biggest Loser Episode 4 First Weigh In

Last week, the contestants were put to the test and faced their fears and pushed to the limits in the training sessions. They also won the opportunity to have a free pass from elimination, but will they succeed? Before we find out we must check in with the contestants. So let’s go.

For Reference, here is a list of contestants:

GERALD AND TODD: Father and Son, VIC (Green Team)

SAM AND JESS: Father and Daughter, QLD (Red Team

MANDY AND BRETT: Mother and Son, WA (Grey Team)

RICHARD AND AMBER-ROSE: Father and Daughter, QLD (Blue Team)

JANET AND KIRSTEN: Mother and Daughter, VIC (Pink Team)

ROBYN AND KATIE: Mother and Daughter, TAS (Orange Team)

CHRIS AND MARK: Father and Son, VIC (Black Team)

The episode opens with a reminder from Shannon that the first weigh in is just around the corner however the contestants didn’t train at all last night.  All three trainers arrive at the house and Shannon asks who’s trained this morning. A few people stick their hands up. Amber admits she did ten minutes. The trainers are not impressed by this. The contestants need to burn at least six hundred calories twice a day to make sure that no one goes home. On that topic, it’s time for last chance training.

Today, The Commando has the Orange, Pink and Blue teams in the sand pit. He has the contestants running around in a circle. Next the Commando has everyone line up in the push up position with their feet against the wall. Robyn and Katie are doing well while Amber can’t hold on and has a stabbing pain in her side.

The Commando says it’s just a stich. She insists that it’s not as she had the pain since this morning.

She gets back down but can’t push up again. Her dad is telling to put her arse in the air. Richard admits that she does get away with a lot. All she needs to do is get off the ground and then the Commando will start the sprint. (good fricken Lord, move it!) She eventually does and everyone is off. The Commando doesn’t care how much she cries she needs to get the job done. With some encouragement from every one and the Commando beside her she does.

Now we head to Michelle and the Red and Grey teams in the gym. They are doing steps on to a box and both teams are starting out strong until about halfway. Brett and Mandy are doing weights. Brett can’t lift his leg up. Michelle says she doesn’t need him to do that and is frustrated because she knows he can do more. She tells him to pick up the dumbbell. He says he wants to but he can’t.

After a few more exchanged words, which I won’t repeat here Michelle tells him to leave her gym. Brett takes what Michelle calls the easy road, and leaves.

Mandy wants to go after him, but Michelle tells her he needs this. Michelle then goes out to talk to him. He feels worthless and feels he is a detriment. Michelle gives him a pep talk and they go back into the gym. He picks up the dumbbells and completes the session.

Now to Shannan’s gym.  Gerald & Todd have impressed Shannan with their training, so he concentrates on the black team and getting them up to scratch. He gets Mark into a rowing race against Todd. Todd wins, which shocks Mark.

All of a sudden, Gerald falls off his equipment. He’s fine. Soon, the training is over and Shannan points at Gerald and shows Mark what ‘exhaustion’ really looks like.

It’s now time for weigh in. Remember, if they can all collectively lose 100kg, no one will be going home. They’ve already ‘lost’ 7kg for completing the challenge. So can they lose much more?

The first up is the Orange team, Robyn & Katie. Robyn weighed 112.1kg. She now weighs…104.4kg. That’s a weight loss of 7.7kg. Katie weighed 136.8kg. She now weighs… 128.0kg. That’s a weight loss of 8.8kg. They bring the group weight loss to 23.5kg.

Next up is the Grey team, Mandy & Brett. Brett weighed 187.9kg. He now weighs… 174.8kg. That’s a weight loss of 13.1kg. Mandy weighed 113.3kg. She now weighs…105.8kg. That’s a weight loss of… 7.5kg. That brings the group weight loss to 44.1kg.

Third up to the scales is the red team- Sam & Jess. Sam weighed 129.4kg. He now weighs… 120.9kg. That’s a weight loss of 8.5kg. Jess weighed 134.1kg. She now weighs… 129.7kg. That’s a weight loss of 4.4kg. That brings the group total to 57.0kg.

The next group up is the black team, Chris & Mark. Chris weighed 152.3kg. He now weighs… 143.4kg. That’s a weight loss of 8.9kg. Mark weighed 162.9kg. He now weighs… 153.6kg. That’s a weight loss of 9.3kg. They bring the group total loss to 75.2kg.

The next up is the pink team. Janet weighed 106.6kg. She now weighs… 99.7kg. That’s a weight loss of 6.9kg. Kirsten weighed 98.1kg. She now weighs… 93.9kg. That’s a weight loss of 4.2kg. They bring their group total to 86.3kg.

Richard & Amber are next. Richard weighed 139.7kg. He now weighs… 133.3kg. That’s a weight loss of 6.4kg. Amber weighed 111.6kg. She now weighs… 107.3kg. That’s a weight loss of 4.3kg. They bring the group total loss to 97.0kg.

Last to the scales are Gerald and Todd. Gerald weighed 159.1kg. He now weighs… 145.0kg. That’s a weight loss of 14.1kg. Todd weighed 112.2kg. He now weighs… 105.5kg. That’s a weight loss of 6.7kg. They take the team to 117.8kg. They didn’t even need the challenge- they’ve avoided elimination.

Gerald still feels bad as he’s felt sick all week. Shannan is surprised he isn’t giving 100 per cent after the solid effort he’s been putting into it. Gerald and Todd are this week’s Biggest Losers.

So, I suppose that’s the end of the episode then? Not by a long shot!

Hayley introduces some new contestants. New competition. In come ‘the heavyweights’.

In come a blue and a yellow team. In the blue team, there’s Big Kev. He makes his team mate (presumably his mother) look healthy. The yellow team consists of Anita and Cher while the blue team consists of Kevin and Rosemary. The heavyweights weigh in.

Anita and Cher are first. Anita weights 117.6kg. Cher weighs 172.2kg. Their combined weight is 289.8kg. Anita is confronted. Cher is just lost for words. Cher loves her mother- so with that bond, I reckon this will be a team to watch out for!

Rosemary and Kevin are next. Rosemary weighs 100.1kg. Kevin weighs 254.7kg. 354.8kg is their combined weight. Hayley reminds us that Kevin is the heaviest contestant ever worldwide. Just watching Kevin get out of bed is a wakeup call. We find out that Kevin is so big; he was denied surgery to fix him. His next option is simply death. It’s saddening yet empowering to watch.

How will these teams go?


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