The Biggest Loser Epiesode 10 Recap Super Sized week Begins

The Biggest Loser Epiesode 10 Recap Super Sized week Begins

Another week is upon us and we’re in for another shocking weigh in and elimination…and I mean shocking!

The contestants are already getting into their last chance training with Shannan making mean work of the blue, yellow and green team. He focusses on Kevin after finding out about his dismal challenge effort. Shannan gets him to recreate the challenge with Kevin holding a weight above his head. He is able to hold it over his head for more than a minute.

Michelle has the pink, black and light blue team. She has them throwing sandbags! She especially wants to get Richard and Amber above the yellow line. She pulls them aside to tell Amber that she isn’t doing the best she can. Amber is angry and walks away in a hissy fit. Wow. That girl gaht balls!

After the break, Michelle asks Amber if she wants to return to training and Amber says she doesn’t because she was so happy to train this morning, but now she feels like crap. Michelle asks her to stop blaming other people and take responsibility. She eventually gets Amber to train again but it still isn’t enough.

At the end of the session, Michelle gets Amber to talk to Richard. They make some good progress with each other with an emotional D&M.

It’s now time for the weigh in. Janet & Kirsten are reminded that if they’ve put on weight, they will be stripped of immunity before taking to the scales.

Janet weighed 94.2kg. She now weighs… 92.9kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.3kg. Kirsten weighed 88.9kg. She now weighs… 87.2kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.7kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.0kg or a percentage of 1.64 per cent. They will retain immunity.

Next up are Richard and Amber. Richard weighed 126.1kg. He now weighs… 121.5kg. That’s a weight loss of 4.6kg. Amber weighed 103.0kg. She now weighs… 101.6kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.4kg. They’ve lost a total of 6.0kg, giving them a percentage of 2.62 per cent, moving them into first place.

Next up are Chris and Mark. Chris weighed 134.8kg. He now weighs… 132.2kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.6kg. Mark weighed 142.4kg. He now weighs… 138.7kg. That’s a weight loss of 3.7kg. That’s a total weight loss of 6.3kg and a percentage of 2.27 per cent putting them second.

Next up are Rosemary and Kevin. Rosemary weighed 91.8kg. She now weighs… 91.6kg. That’s a total weight loss of 0.2kg. Kevin weighed 241.5kg. He now weighs… 239.3kg. That’s a total weight loss of 2.2kg. That’s a combined weight loss of 2.4kg and a percentage of 0.72 per cent. They fall to fourth place.

The green team are next to weigh in. Gerald weighed 137.0kg. He now weighs… 130.8kg. That’s a total weight loss of 6.2kg. Todd weighed 99.3kg. He now weighs… 95.0kg. That’s a total weight loss of 4.3kg. That’s a total weight loss of 10.5kg, or 4.44 per cent.

The yellow team are next. Cher weighed 161.0. She now weighs… 160.5kg. That’s a total weight loss of 0.5kg. Anita weighed 108.0kg. She now weighs… 106.1kg. That’s a total weight loss of 1.9kg. They’ve lost a total of 2.4kg and a percentage of 0.89 per cent, putting them fifth.

Orange team is next. They need to lose at least 2kg. Robyn weighed 98.0kg. She now weighs… 95.6kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.4kg. Katie weighed 121.0kg. She now weighs… 117.7kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.3kg. They’ve both lost 5.7kg giving them a weight loss percentage of 2.60 per cent.

Last is grey. They need to lose 2.4kg between them. Brett weighed 166.0kg. He now weighs… 160.0kg. That’s a total weight loss of 6kg. Mandy weighed 99.3kg. She now weighs… 97.0kg. That’s a total weight loss of 2.3kg. They’ve lost a combined 8.3kg and gives them a percentage of 3.13 per cent, giving them second place.

This means Anita and Cher will face Rosemary and Kevin in elimination. And this elimination is different… to all others before it. Tonight, the trainers will vote! Michelle and Shannan have no interest in the twist, but the Commando will do it.

They deliberate, but can they get through it?

In elimination, the trainers don’t enter the room…to begin with. They do eventually turn up and take their seats. Hayley tells them that if they do refuse to vote, Kevin and Rosemary will go home with the lowest weight percentage loss this week. Seems to me there will be a refusal.

Anita wants to turn her and Cher’s lives around for the better for good. Anita thinks Cher wants to go home and try her luck there. This scares Anita because she doesn’t think she has it in her. Cher says she does want to be on The Biggest Loser. She breaks down because she wants to go home as well.

Rosemary wants to stay because Kevin has been working hard. She knows Kevin will try harder. Michelle wants her to parent him more. Kevin assures them that he will give one hundred per cent, but the trainers don’t believe it. Michelle brings up his diet once again, causing Rosemary to flip out at Michelle, dropping the F bomb while she’s at it! It’s not really a good look!

Rosemary plans to storm out of the room but everyone, including Hayley, tries to persuade Kevin to stay, but he leaves as well.

Shannan convinces the two to return for the elimination. Rosemary apologises for swearing. Michelle and Shannan do not vote neither does Commando, meaning Kevin and Rosemary will be going home.

Hayley reminds them that there will be a chance to return to the competition. With that, elimination over!


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