The Biggest Loser Australia Season 8 – Makeover Week Begins

The Biggest Loser Australia Season 8 – Makeover Week Begins

Well, we predicted it when Gerald and Todd got a makeover- it’s only a matter of time until the others do too! And here it is- a whole week of makeovers. Before all that though- weigh in and elimination looms!

Last chance training has already begun as Shannan smashes all heck out of his teams! Tonight, one trainer loses their first permanent team! We begin seeing flashbacks of what the contestants used to think of themselves. Classic ‘Makeover Week’ manoeuvre.

It’s then time for the weigh in. Only three safe spots are left.

Richard and Amber are first up. They are reminded that if they gain weight, they lose immunity. They weighed 110.1 and 94.4kg respectively. They now weigh 108.4kg and 92.9kg respectively. That’s a total loss of 3.2kg or 1.56%. With immunity, they can’t fall below the yellow line. Before they get down, we get another serving of alliance-talk.

Next up is Janet & Kirsten. They weighed 83.1kg and 80.6kg respectively. They now weigh 80.1kg and 79.1kg respectively. It’s the first time I can recall a contestant being in the 70’s with the finale so far away. It’s a combined loss of 4.6kg and a percentage of 2.81%.

Robyn and Katie are next. They weighed 84.7kg and 106.2kg. They now weigh 82.5kg and 102.9kg. That’s a total loss of 5.5kg, or 2.88%.

Mandy and Brett are next up to the scales. They weighed 88.4kg and 145.8kg respectively. They now weigh 85.5kg and 142.8kg. That’s a total loss of 5.9kg, or 2.52%.

Sam & Jess are next. They need to lose 5.6kg to remain above the yellow line. They weighed 103.5kg and 114.4kg respectively. They now weigh 99.9kg and 113.1kg respectively; a loss of only 4.9kg, or 2.25%. They’re below the yellow line.

Gerald and Todd are next. They need to lose 5.3kg. They weighed 121.3kg and 86.6kg. They now weigh 118.0 and 84.3kg respectively, a loss of 5.6kg, or 2.69%.

This means Mandy & Brett will face elimination against Sam & Jess.

In elimination, Katie believes Mandy and Brett are the biggest threats but thinks Sam and Jess have the potential to topple them. Gerald says it’s not a game of friendships for him, however there’s a lot of stuff he has to consider. Mandy hopes friendships keep her in the game. Sam tries to use Brett’s potential as the reason he should be eliminated.

It’s now time to vote. Here’s how it goes down.

KIRSTEN: Brett & Mandy

AMBER: Sam & Jess

GERALD: Sam & Jess

For having the lower weight percentage, Sam & Jess have been eliminated for the second time.