The Biggest Loser APR 7-9

The Biggest Loser APR 7-9

Next week on TEN’s The Biggest Loser it’s ‘super-sized week’ with Big Kev’s mum Rosemary  stepping in to defend her son  and take on the trainers. 2012 winner Margie Cummins also makes an appearance.

Sunday 7 April, 7.30pm
Another week, another weigh-in and elimination. This week, however, in a The Biggest Loser first, the trainers must vote to send a team home tonight, not the contestants. It’s one of the fieriest eliminations ever, as they try to get to the bottom of who wants to be here and who needs to be here. Who and why will they eliminate… if they choose to eliminate at all.

Monday 8 April, 7.30pm
Last year’s winner of The Biggest Loser, Margie Cummins, stops by the house to surprise Michelle and the contestants for the first training session of the week. Then, in another first for the show, the winners of The Fridge win the opportunity to stand on the scales mid-week and find out how they’re tracking.

The following day, contestants meet the trainers in the Sydney CBD to find out they will be abseiling 120 metres down the AMP building. At the bottom of the building are letters from home. It’s simple: no abseil, no letter.

Tuesday 9 April, 7.30pm
The abseiling challenge continues as contestants crumble at the top of the tower. Let’s hope the letters from their loved ones are worth the 120 metre drop.

Back at the house, the Commando takes The Fridge winners into the weigh-in room, where they find out that one of them has put on 700 grams. Luckily for them, they still have a few days to work themselves back above the yellow line.

To cap off the epic week, contestants must complete one of the world’s toughest obstacle courses, the Spartan Race. The winning team will earn a one kilogram advantage, while the two losing teams will incur a half-kilogram weight penalty heading into the weigh-in.



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