The Biggest Loser Apr 14-16

The Biggest Loser Apr 14-16

ast week, we said goodbye to Big Kev and his mum Rosemary, green team Gerald and Todd won the opportunity to weigh-in mid-week which revealed that Todd had put on 700grams, and the contestants faced their fears as some crumbled at the top of the AMP building. This week we welcome back temptation in Parents V Kids week. Who will succumb to their sweet tooth?

Sunday 14 April, 7.30pm

Last chance training heats up and all teams are feeling the pressure, particularly those who now carry a half kilo penalty into the weigh-in. During weigh-in, to everyone’s shock, two of our favourite teams fall below the yellow line. Then, in one of the most emotional eliminations to date, friendships are tested and with the vote going down to the wire, one team is sent packing. Who will it be?

Monday 15 April, 7.30pm

Hayley reveals that this week is Parents V Kids week so the contestants don new t-shirts emblazoned with the slogans “Kids Rock” and “Parents Rule”. They will compete as two teams until the next weigh-in. After some trash talking, the new teams head off to training. Will the wise heads of the parents prevail this week? Or will the enthusiasm of the kids put them in front?

It’s time for The Fridge and the winning contestant opens it to find that all contestants must face temptation. Temptation will be played in their usual family teams of two, but the catch is they won’t know what their loved one is up to. Who will be tempted?

Tuesday 16 April, 7.30pm

Temptation continues with immunity up for grabs for the team who consumes the most calories. Pacts are broken as two contestants succumb to the temptation, but there are consequences as they must face Michelle for a gruelling training session. Remember, you play, you pay!

After training, Shannan sits down with the parents and together they have an emotional chat about the pressures of life with an obese child. Meanwhile, Michelle chats with the kids about the constant bullying and judgement they face each day.

Then, everybody rolls up to Sydney’s Palm Beach on a windy, cloudy day for an epic surf boat race. Up for grabs is a reward dinner, while the losing team is penalised with a night mud training session from hell.

7.30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on TEN.

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