The Biggest Loser 8 – who goes home?

The Biggest Loser 8 – who goes home?

Another Sunday means another weigh in and a sad farewell so let’s get ready to say goodbye.

We open up with the pink team talking to Michelle about the challenge and they now have a half kilogram weight disadvantage. She is going to give them hell and they are both pushing themselves to the limit. Janet has exhausted herself so much she is throwing up all that matters is they do their best. Michelle says

The commando has his group and is told that the orange team has an advantage of 500 grams. On top of the usual last chance training the contestants have one on one training with the commando and his gone up the intensity and the one on one training with Richard is so tough that he looks like he’s going to collapse.

Shannon has called in one of his mates to help out two time champion Daniel Geale. We are reminded of Gerald’s story and how far he has come Shannon calls him a fighter while Daniel tells Daniel reckons he has the fight in him to go all the way. Tells us they could go on to win it, if they keep their focus.

It’s now time for the weekly weigh in, Hayley reminds us that Robyn and Katie have a half kilo weight advantage for this weigh in and Janet and Kirsten have a half kilo penalty

First up to weigh in is Richard and Amber, They weighed 108.4kg and 92.9kg respectively. They now weigh 104.5kg and 90.8kg respectively. That’s a total loss of 6.0kg or 2.98%

Next up is Mandy and Brett. They weighed 85.5kg and 142.8kg respectively. They now weigh 83.2kg and 139.0kg. That’s a total loss of 6.1kg, or 2.67%

Gerald and Todd are third to weigh in. They weighed 118.0kg and 84.3kg. They now weigh 112.5and 81.8kg respectively, a loss of 8.0kg, or 3.95%

Katie and Robyn who have a half kilogram advantage finally weigh in. They weighed 82.5kg and 102.9kg. They now weigh 81.4kg and 99.0kg. That’s a total loss of 5.5kg, with the advantage or 2.97%

Janet and Kirsten need 5.3kg between them Michelle says it’s a tough ask given how light they are. With that it’s time to weigh in. They weighed 80.1kg and 79.1kg respectively. They now both weigh with the weight disadvantage they lost 4.6kg giving them a 2.89% Hayley say that without the penalty they would have been safe.

Michelle tells them not to worry they did the best they could since them winning the challenge would have been a miracle. With that Janet and Kirstin will face elimination against Mandy and Brett where everyone will vote.

In the elimination room the order at the table are Katie, Gerald, Richard, Todd, Robyn, Amber for the vote. Kirsten’s a bit teary because they’re up the wrong end of the table due to the disadvantage. Brett says there only hope is the alliance while Janet points out they aren’t that much of a threat since they have almost reached their weight loss goal and she doesn’t think they can win. Everyone on the non-elimination side of the table calls it a tough choice but here’s how the votes went down.

Katie Mandy and Brett

Gerald Janet and Kirsten

Richard Mandy and Brett

Todd Janet and Kirsten

Robyn Mandy and Brett

With 3 votes Mandy and Brett depart the biggest loser and the final four has now been decided.


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