The Biggest Loser 8 – Face your fears week continues

The Biggest Loser 8 – Face your fears week continues

Last night the contestants arrived in New Zealand for a four day challenge to go straight through to the finale and face there fears. Let’s get cracking shall we.

Hayley asks all contestants how they are finding New Zealand Richard says it’s a ripsnorter and Robyn’s been facing some fears she didn’t even expect.

So what’s in store for today? First part of today’s race is a 5km run down to Lake Make then they have to build a sturdy raft to paddle over to the other side of the lake.  The first through will be rewarded however if you come last then you’re in for an interesting night.

Gerald and Todd get to start today’s leg first. Richard and Amber have a 1 minute handicap; Robyn and Katie have a 2 minute handicap. Janet and Kirsten have a 4 minute handicap from coming last yesterday and then an additional 1 minute penalty because Kirsten didn’t take part in the swing challenge yesterday.

With that the teams are kinked together and Gerald and Todd are off Richard and amber plan to not fight and stay on track and amber is calling the shots. Robyn thinks they could catch up if they were doing it at her pace. While Katie says communication is key to their success.

Todd and Gerald are working well together with Todd pulling his dad along but he’s ok with their speed and helping each other out. Janet and Kirsten are finally on the way and they are going to try not to argue. Katie’s a bit out of breath and struggling she asks Robyn to slow down but Robyn’s not impressed and they argue eventually Robyn slows down just a little. Richard is proud that amber managed to complete most of it a decent pace.

Gerald and Todd arrive at the raft station and start work on their raft closely followed by Richard and amber and both teams are working well. Katie knows how to build a raft and she’s going about it the correct way but robin won’t listen.

Richard and amber are rushing through their build Just as Janet and Kirsten arrive at the station and all teams are now working on their rafts Robyn is rushing Katie and they are into the water followed by Richard and amber then  Gerald and Todd

Richard and amber overtake orange as they go backwards and Robyn is losing it while Janet and Kirstein’s raft falls apart when they get it to the water. They solider on however and are off as well. Robyn and Katie lose it over who is paddling the hardest when green overtake them.

The blue team haven’t bickered today and they are in first place. Janet and Kirsten are catching up but they are in another argument. In 1st place Richard and amber have a night of luxury at a lodge while green gets a campervan for the night. Robyn and Katie with the help of Richard get 3rd place and Robyn not impressed because they are going camping and she hates it. Janet and Kirsten are having another fight so amber helps them out and they get too shore.

The prize they receive is just a sleeping bag and some food. Richard and amber arrive at the lodge and it’s very posh while green check out the caravan. Katie has the challenge of putting the tent up which is very hard to do so Gerald helps them out along with Kirsten who is offered a spot in the tent if she helps out. Janet is determined to sleep outside it seems.

It’s now the next day and all teams are with Hayley again for leg three of the challenge where Richard and amber are well rested. Janet is coping well however more importantly she doesn’t really know how to ride a bike and that’s the first part of the third leg. 10km bike race!

After the cycling leg they’ll be doing some white water rafting. Fortunately in purpose built inflatable rafts this time. While they can ride as fast or as slow as they want, they can’t start the paddling leg until both are at the launching point.

Richard and Amber get to start first today. Richard’s going out hard and Amber’s just going as best she can as she gets used to the bike.

Todd and Gerald are both going pretty hard but Todd in particular goes blitzing past Amber and then sails past Richard as well.  The orange team then set off and Robyn is off next. Katie’s taking the lead while Robyn goes slowly behind her. Kirsten takes off while Janet is worried and can’t steer.

Todd’s gotten too far ahead of Gerald so he’s gone back to help his Dad up the hills. While Katie over takes amber while Kirsten’s actually caught up to Robyn and continues pedalling along. Janet is pushing her bikes up the hill

Todd’s out in front of Gerald again and encouraging him to go faster. They hit another big hill and swap to walking their bikes while Richard has parked his and headed back down the hill to get Amber. And Todd arrives at a big wooden suspension bridge and head across.

Katie’s catching up to Gerald and Todd at this point. Amber gets a bit wobbly across the bridge, as does Kirsten. Robyn’s having a grand old time with her fear of heights. She actually tries to pedal much faster across the bridge to get it done.

Janet’s caught up to the bridge Robyn’s still trailing along behind Kirsten but Gerald and Todd have arrived at the wetsuit station to get ready for the rafting. Katie arrives with them.


S Gerald and Todd head off to the rafts Robyn and Amber arrive at the bike dumping zone. Robyn runs past Amber and gets helped by Katie into her wetsuit, moving them up into second place.

Gerald and Todd are first to the rafts and sometime thereafter the orange girls are into the water. They’re hoping to catch up but at least keep their position. Richard and Amber are in third and also aiming to catch up.

Kirsten says it feels like forever she’s waiting for Janet who asks if she was worried she says no. everyone’s having a blast doing the rafting the teams finish in the following order

1st Gerald and Todd 2nd Robyn and Katie 3rd Richard and amber 4th Janet and Kerstin

With one leg to go who will win the golden pass we will find out on a special Wednesday edition.


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