The Biggest Loser 8 – Face your fears week begin

The Biggest Loser 8 – Face your fears week begin

After we farewelled Mandy and Brett it is time for face your fears week this should be good.

The contestants are woken by a horn the girls think it’s Todd playing a joke on them but it’s not in the foyer there’s a group of men and women doing a haka to try and scare them awake. Then a lady presents them with a letter that says they’re going to confront their biggest fears on the trip of a lifetime to Queenstown, New Zealand! Todd’s very excited; he’s never been overseas before.

The contestants arrive in New Zealand and are imminently  taken to a hanger where the Commando is waiting with a wet suit for each of them As there first task they will be jumping out of the planes into a lake. He tells they need to rely on each other and he doesn’t want any of them coming back on the chopper. Gerald and Todd are going first. Shannon says Todd’s biggest weakness, by his own admission, is thinking about things too long before doing them. Todd gets nervous but after some help from the instructor he’s ready to jump. Gerald follows him straight away without hesitation Robyn and Katie also do there’s without a problem

Then the choppers go back to pick up the other contestants. Janet’s very excited but Kirsten’s getting a bit scared by how high it is.  Janet’s encouraging her to do it today, saying she loves her

She gets out on the edge and starts freaking out. And says she can do it if Janet goes first. Janet agrees to go first. On the three counts Janet’s gone on two. Hoping Kirsten will follow her down. Kirsten’s jump and she gets on the edge again and freaks out. She can’t do it.

Amber gets out on the running board and is straight off and into the water with no drama at all. Richard does it as well then they’re all on the beach now.

Shannon welcomes them to Queenstown, on the south island of New Zealand. Michelle says they’re there to say goodbye to the things that have been holding them back in the past. The commando says it’s time to face their fears, again.

Hayley says they’re about to start a week long race with a great pay off. The team that comes first overall gets a free pass to the finale. And the team that comes last carries a 1kg weight penalty into the final weigh in.

There are four legs in the race. If you don’t come first, your team gets a time handicap for the next leg.

The start is to head down to the river across tough terrain, get across the river and go up heartbreak hill. And at the top is their first fear to face and they will be tied together which isn’t well received.

Richard and amber have the lead followed by orange and green with pink up the back. And things aren’t going well for them they are arguing already. Robyn and Katie are struggling to cross the river with Katie falling down a lot. Gerald and Todd skip past them Katie eventually gets over the rope instead of going through it.

Janet convinced they are lost but they aren’t they are just behind .Amber wants to go home after Gerald and Todd over take them. While Robyn tries to encourage her as she passes them. Robyn feels like Katie isn’t helping her as they go up the hill and threatens to quit but Katie grabs the rope and continues as Richard and amber pass them.

Janet and Kirsten are doing the river run Janet’s complaining about the slippery rocks in the river. Kirsten’s not impressed, tells her if she falls over to just get back up and keep going. Kirsten then falls over and gets back up.

Richard and amber finally shush and get a move on. When Janet and Kirsten start the hill Janet says never bagged Kirsten for not doing the AMP wall or jumping out of the helicopter but here Kirsten is dragging her up the hill and bitching about her. Gerald is struggling as they finish the hill but he soldiers on and they are first. Richard and amber who are second get a 1 minute penalty while orange get a 2 minute penalty and Robyn wants a break the pink team have a 4 minute penalty

It’s now time to face their fears with the Nevis Swing. 70 metre drop, 300 metre swing. Up first are Robyn and Katie she manages to cross the bridge and make her way to the commando where they discuss what happened in the end Robyn promises to try and be nicer when she says things and Katie promises to step up and not get as upset when her Mum says things. With that they are ready to get harnessed up and the remote is in Katie’s hand Robyn gets a bit crabby with the instructed but they both do it.

Kirsten is freaking out and Janet is trying to be supportive by telling Kirsten not to look down. Kirsten doesn’t want to do it with her. Janet’s upset because of the way Kirsten talks to her and Kirsten points out, that Janet talks pretty badly to her, too. Michelle tells her not to over think it but she can’t do it. Even after using Margie as inspiration she doesn’t do it neither does Janet as she doesn’t want to rub it in her face.

Richard and amber handle the situation until amber can’t click the button so Richard does and they do she thanks him for pushing the button. Gerald and Todd are last are Todd is nervous odd knows he can’t hesitate, that’s his problem, and he’s hesitating now.

Gerald reminds Todd that Todd’s always trusted his Dad, so trust him now.

Todd can’t do it. He eventually gets unhooked and Gerald will have to go by himself while Todd watches. If Todd then decides its safe he can go with Shannon and despite the fear Gerald does it. Then Todd with some encouragement from his dad and Shannon he merges to do it with Shannon. With that the episode ends.


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