The Big Adventure moves as the game heats up

The Big Adventure moves as  the game heats up

It seems not even a million dollars can save you from time slot changes.

The Big Adventure’s most outspoken contestant Jess Capps was the latest contestant to be sent packing his week.

In what is shaping up as a battle of the sexes, the boys have banded together and are currently dominating the game. Todd again took the title of Arena champion earning him the right to dig in the Treasure Grid. His second outing in the Grid proved more fruitful than his first with Todd digging up his first golden key.

He chose Mark as his opposing team captain and at the Team Pick, Todd wielded his power and sent Jess home.

“She is the strongest girl in the competition and she is really, really annoying,” he said. True to form, Jess didn’t go quietly. “Todd is ruling the game at the moment,” she said. “I’m flattered that these guys think I’m a huge threat.”

Ten golden keys and nine players still remain. One million dollars lies waiting… which lucky person will dig their way to victory? And will Todd’s power play come off again? Or will his time be up?

Seven moves the show to 7:30 PM Sunday’s and Monday’s from next week.


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