The Beauties and The Geeks go on a Big Night out

The Beauties and The Geeks go on a Big Night out

It’s time for the beauties and geeks to put into practice everything they’ve learnt from the experience and each other, because it will all be put to the test in the real world for the Big Night Out challenge. The geeks will be going speed dating and the girls will be hosting a Trivia night on their geeks’ passions.

The boys are nervous, since going to a bar is new to them – especially Aaron, who is so uptight because he has never approached a girl. But he manages to do it with confidence and even pulls out a titanic move on one of the girls he chats up. Chris has come a long way from being the no-eye-contact geek and even asks for a phone number.

The girls pull out all stops hosting the Trivia night. Karly lets rip with some great train questions, Tara stumps the nerds with her superhero questions, while Tegan nails some dad jokes and great Harry Potter questions. The winners of the Big Night Out challenge are Karly and Aaron who go straight through to the grand final as the first couple to make the top three.

Before the elimination the couples have one last catch up. Karly puts Aaron through his paces by hitting the gym, while Anthony serenades Tegan as they talk about their beautiful friendship and how far they have both come. Bri lets Chris in on her life, what led her to be a part of the experience, and how much Chris has changed things and helped her to get the old Bri back. Meanwhile Michael declares he is falling for Tara and can see himself in love with her.

Sophie has assembled the beauties and geeks for the last elimination tonight. The second couple going through the grand final are Chris and Bri. This leaves Anthony and Tegan and Michael and Tara to go head to head in a nail biting challenge that sends lovebirds Michael and Tara home.


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