The Bachelorette serves up Hometown Heartbreak

It’s the most anticipated Bachelorette episodes of every season and this year its so big its spread over two parts welcome to hometowns.

With interstate travel still off the table for some due to the pandemic, it was hometown visits of a different kind for the blonde beauties, leaving them to meet key family members via video call instead of in person.

Arriving for a puppy playdate, Elly was nearly bowled over by Joe’s fur son, Alfie the Golden Retriever, who was his wing man the first time he and Elly met. After kisses, cuddles and pats, it was time to be meet Joe’s family.

Arriving at the Bachelor mansion, Joe’s family wasted no time getting to the bottom of Elly’s intentions. Brother Jacob was blunt, to the point, and completely shocked, when it was revealed Joe had made it to final three without being chosen for a single date.

Pulling Elly aside, Jacob asked her if Joe would be the last one standing. A tearful Elly explained the situation wasn’t easy for her, and while she did have feelings for multiple men, she knew Joe was a good guy and she was thankful for that.

Unable to get back to Adelaide to meet Pete’s family, he did his best to recreate for Becky his favourite pastimes, to showcase what their life together could look like.

After biking around and picnicking it up, they jumped on a video call for Becky to meet Pete’s married friends Kerry and Andrew, and Chanelle and Stuart.

Ready for a grilling, Becky revealed to Chanelle and Stuart that she wasn’t keen on moving from Newcastle, which raised a few eyebrows as Pete’s friends knew his happiness was at stake.

Pacing around outside, Pete called Kerry and Andrew to get their take on Becky. Admitting he was on his way to falling for her, his friends were just hoping he wasn’t setting himself up for heartbreak.

Smitten by Shannon and his open heart, Becky was excited for a day of fun. Meeting Shannon at his brother’s house, she was soon introduced to his siblings Dwayne and Clayton, and sister-in-law Tegan.

Whisking Becky away for a one on one chat, Clayton didn’t waste any time asking the big questions. As the conversation progressed, Becky realised her feelings for Shannon weren’t as deep as those for Pete and Adrian and didn’t want to lead him on a minute longer.

With Shannon none the wiser, Becky pulled him aside to tell him how she felt. Breaking down in tears, Shannon pulled her in for a hug, knowing she was in a difficult position.

Telling her he would never stand in the way of someone else falling in love, he was adamant he was happy for her and whoever she chose at the end, leaving Becky to walk away from Mr. Polynesia for good.