The Bachelorette Date Announced

The Bachelorette Date Announced

Sam Frost will start her quest for love in two weeks time it has been revealed.

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After a nationwide search involving thousands of men, 14 Bachelors stood out from the crowd thanks to their intelligence, charm, charisma and humour.

Ranging in age from 25 to 35, the Bachelors come from all walks of life and include a financial consultant, a professional football player, a plumber, a professional abseiler, a carpenter and a marketing manager.

Sam said: “I want to find a man who will love me for everything I am, and everything I’m not. I feel very blessed that these guys are willing to be vulnerable and put themselves out there for me.”

Over a series of extravagant dates, cocktail parties and nerve-racking rose ceremonies, will connections be formed and will romance blossom?

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Bachelorette Australia will have all the romance, drama and laughter you have been waiting for, and much more.

 The Bachelorette Australia, premieres on Wednesday, September 23, at 7.30pm followed by episode two on Thursday, September 24, at 7.30pm.