The Bachelorette Australia Hometowns end with a rocky goodbye

The Bachelorette Australia Hometowns end with a rocky goodbye

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Becky and Elly continued their hometown visits.

Meeting Elly on the footy field, Frazer was keen to kick goals as he prepared  to introduce Elly to his family. Knowing how much Frazer admires his parent’s long-term marriage, Elly was nervous to e-meet his traditional mum, Lorraine.

Questioning Elly’s true intentions, Lorraine wanted assurance that the Bachelorette wouldn’t break her sons’ heart. Although she was relieved to hear Elly’s heart was in the right place, Frazer’s mum noted the physical distance between them, and wanted to know if Elly was prepared to move to Brisbane for love. At the end of their meeting, Frazer expressed how crazy he was for Elly, and Elly realised she was starting to fall in love with him but with a move to Brisbane on the cards, she had a lot to think about.

Becky was excited to meet Adrian’s family via video call, and happy to meet his little brother in person. Straight off the bat, Adrian’s protective older brother, Jayden, had lots of questions for Becky. Wanting to know if, despite their age difference, Becky saw a long-term relationship with his baby bro, and questioning if there was any truth to the rumours about Becky’s ex, Jayden was relieved by Becky’s answers, and assured her Adrian was ready to settle down.

For their last Hometown visit, Elly got to meet Adam’s sister and brother-inlaw. Elly was the first girl Adam had ever introduced to his family, and his sister, Stephanie, wanted to know exactly how Elly felt about him. Quick to say Adam was the complete package, Stephanie was pleased Elly could see what a kind, gentle soul her little brother was, but was concerned when Elly redirected her questions to avoid discussing her feelings for Adam.

At an emotional Rose Ceremony, Elly farewelled Adam, who was free to rock someone else’s world.

Tomorrow night, Becky and Elly will lay their hearts on the line, as they step up to the commitment ceremony in the season finale of The Bachelorette Australia.