The Bachelorette Australia Cast Announced.

The Bachelorette Australia Cast Announced.

Brooke Blurton is ready to take charge of her love story, when the history making new season of The Bachelorette Australia this week.

Looking for her perfect person with shared values and compassion for others, Brooke believes that true love is about making a soul connection.

Hoping to form that connection and take a chance at love with Brooke, are 16 intelligent, funny and impressive men and women.

Hailing from New South Wales is Photographer, Beau; Vet Receptionist, Emily; Marketing Administrator, Holly; Psychology Student, Jamie-Lee; Carpenter, Johann; Sports Mentor, Kurt; Plumber, Ryan; Podiatrist, Steve and Youth Worker, Taje.

Passionate carpenter Johann thinks he might be the ultimate catch for Brooke, as they are “both super active and share a sense of adventure”. But will it be his professional martial arts experience, that will help in the fight for Brooke’s heart?

Representing Victoria is Charity Officer, Bec, Carpenter, Konrad and Filmmaker, Ritu.

Career-focussed Ritu is hoping her similarities with Brooke translate to matters of the heart, and thinks her “genuine conversations, wellbeing support, trust and intimacy” will be a love match for Brooke. Will Ritu and Brooke be on the same page when it comes to love? 

From the sunny shores of Queensland, comes Psychologist, Carissa, Landscaper, Darvid and Metal Fabricator, Matt.  

Brooke’s got a little competition when it comes to friendly and hardworking Matt, who could potentially love his dog more than her. But he assures us, “only at first”.  

And from South Australia is Software Sales Executive, Jess.

Jess doesn’t mind breaking the rules… so long as no one gets hurt. On why she’s single, Jess said: “I know my worth, who I am as a person and what I have to offer. Choosing a partner, your forever person, should not be something that is rushed or taken lightly.”

The Bachelorette Australia premieres in just three days. Settle in for a season like no other.

The Bachelorette Australia Premieres Wednesday, 20 October At 7.30pm On 10


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