The Bachelorb farewells another girl

The Bachelorb farewells another girl

Never get between  the ladies and their man fireworks are bound to happen…………………

The Bachelor Australia’s Blake Garvey farewelled Sydney Bachelorette Amanda, 28, during last night’s  Rose Ceremony after the pair failed to make a strong connection.

Competition was rife prior to Amanda’s departure, as the cocktail party turned into a battlefield, with many girls taking aim at Laurina for boldly intruding on the one-on-one time between Blake and Anita. Anita was clearly devastated by Laurina’s intrusion and the girls, in particular Sam and Amber, did not hold back in their support for her.

It was not just the competitive environment of the cocktail party that sealed Amanda’s fate. She was not chosen for either of the single or group dates, which allowed many of the others girls to get closer to Blake.

Blake took Holly on a stunning single date that included a seaplane flight, a bonfire and a beachside orchestra. Their sweet escape ended with Blake presenting Holly with a rose. For the group date, nine of the ladies took part in a rodeo, where Laurina’s tough-riding tactics scored her one-on-one time with Blake.

Amanda was all class as she walked away from Blake for good. She said: “It was a really, really disappointing moment for me. Obviously Blake and I weren’t meant to be, and I’m looking forward to meeting the person I am meant to be with. I hope he finds true love and I wish him all the best.”

Amanda’s exit leaves 17 girls competing to win Blake’s heart: Zoe [VIC], Stacey-Louise [VIC], Holly [NSW], Jessica [NSW], Shana [QLD], Anita [VIC], Sam [VIC], Alana [WA], Lisa [QLD], Laurina [VIC], Chantal [VIC], Lauren [SA], Katrina [NSW], Amber [QLD], Diana [QLD], Kara [VIC] and Louise [QLD].

The Bachelor Australia. airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm. On Ten


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