The Bachelor takes to the skies

The Bachelor takes to the skies

Last night The Bachelor had it all as Alex continued to cause drama.

After making a great first impression on Richie, Megan received the single date card tonight and was taken on a sky high sunrise picnic.

Suspended on a platform over a cliff top, Richie and Megan discussed life and love while admiring the crashing waves below. They later enjoyed a relaxed glass of wine at a hillside mansion, surrounded by candles. Sparks flew as Richie and Megan realised they share similar interests and values. But when Richie leaned in for a kiss, a nervous Megan missed the moment. After this false start, the pair sealed their date with a romantic kiss and Megan was presented with a rose.

On the group date, Alex, Janey, Keira, Kiki, Marja, Nikki, Noni, Rachael, Sasha, Sophie, Tiffany and Tolyna suited up for a super-sized round of sumo roller derby.

Split into rival teams, team Bangers & Smash defeated The Crushers and winners Janey, Noni, Sasha, Tiffany and Tolyna were treated to a special street party with Richie, complete with market stalls and food trucks.

Richie took the opportunity to get to know better some of the Bachelorettes but it soon became apparent that some conversations left him perplexed.

At the cocktail party, tensions boiled over when Alex brought out her white rose. After wowing Richie on night one, Alex was given the all-important white rose, giving her access to a secret hideaway for uninterrupted, one-on-one time with Richie at each cocktail party.

While Alex planned to give the other Bachelorettes alone time with Richie before using tonight’s white rose, the Bachelor had other plans, approaching Alex for a chat in a private turret. With jealousy rife, emotions were high going into the third rose ceremony. At the end of the night, Richie said farewell to Janey, 27, Tiffany, 29, and Tolyna, 31.

Janey, a children’s entertainer from Queensland, said: “I really wanted to fall in love and I really wanted to fall in love with Richie. I’m ready for a real relationship. I want to start a family and start my once upon a time.”

West Australian medical administrator Tiffany confessed: “I do have a lot of love to give someone, I just didn’t get a chance to properly show that to Richie.”

Victorian sports model Tolyna warned Richie that choosing just one from the group “won’t be easy”.