The Bachelor sets sail

The Bachelor sets sail

Last night Sam took the plunge and the bachelor farewelled some memorable favorites.

For the first single date of the year, Bachelor Sam Wood chose to take Victorian event planner Sarah on a dazzling cruise across Sydney Harbour aboard a luxury yacht.

While drinking champagne and enjoying the stunning surrounds, Sarah revealed that her decision to come onto The Bachelor Australia was sparked by a dream she had about The Bachelor.

Explaining the dream to Sam, Sarah said: “It was hard to see what The Bachelor, you, looked like, but then it was more about your personality and your vibe got through more than anything.” Sarah’s dream may turn out to be prophetic, as her time alone with Sam resulted in the first red rose of the evening, ensuring Sarah’s stay for another week.

On tonight’s group date, 11 Bachelorettes joined Sam on a glamorous photo shoot with Woman’s Day magazine. Recreating moments from famous movies, there was tension in the air as some of the ladies enjoyed more intimate time with Sam than others

After another eventful cocktail party at the mansion, it was Reshael, Tessa and Krystal who were farewelled at the rose ceremony. Tessa, memorable for her clothes change in last night’s premiere, said: “I wish him all the best in finding someone he does have a genuine connection with. I hope that whoever it is, they are happy.

Queensland travel agent Krystal said on her departure: “I am a little bit disappointed that Sam didn’t see anything in me, but it is what it is.” And Reshael, who had been at the centre of show’s biggest drama so far, said: “It’s hard to be yourself when there are  big personalities taking over. There are some girls that he just needs to spend more time with and figure out whether their personalities are actually real or just put on.