The Bachelor Sets Sail as dating game begins

The Bachelor Sets Sail as dating game begins

Drama and romance jumped up a level, as the first single and group dates  took place on the high seas and in front of the camera lens. 

For the first single date, Matty J, 30, chose to take 27-year-old Tahitian-born fitness trainer Elora on a spectacular cruise around Sydney Harbour.

While drinking champagne and enjoying the stunning surroundings, Elora hit Matty with the hard questions about his heartbreak over last season’s Bachelorette, Georgia Love.

After a great first date and undeniable chemistry between them, Matty presented Elora with a rose.

Elora’s excitement was short-lived when she found herself confronted by Leah and Jennifer on her return to the mansion. The pair did not hold back with their disapproval of her successful date.
Cobie, Simone, Tara, Leah, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Sharlene, Laura, Florence and Natalie were transported back in time for the first group date: a 1980s-inspired photo shoot for Woman’s Day magazine with Australia’s most eligible Bachelor.

While Cobie, Simone and Tara won over Matty with their cheerleading roll-call, leather clad biker chick Leah put him offside when she tried, and failed, to lock lips with him in a bid to stir up the others.

It did not take long for Jennifer to stake her claim, showing her distaste for any girl who got more attention.

The next day, Matty surprised Victorian model Lisa, 24, with a single date at the tennis courts. A pro on the racket, Lisa surprised Matty with her skills and her cheeky side, and she headed back to the mansion with a rose.

At the cocktail party, Leah and Jennifer caused tension with Elora and Simone, who called them out on their behaviour.

In the second ceremony of the season, 27-year-old Victorian criminal lawyer Laura-Ann failed to receive a rose.



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