The Bachelor serves up a Hometown Throw Down.

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia was anything but “predictable” as sceptical siblings and formidable friends put Jimmy to the ultimate test.

Brooke, Carlie, Jay, and Holly opened up their homes and hearts, as Jimmy met their families.

Jimmy and Carlie arrived at her family’s home in Mornington Peninsula, where Jimmy spoke of their connection. Her beauty, calm nature, trustworthiness and predictability were all qualities he was attracted to. The awkward silence was tangible as Jimmy accidentally used “predictable” as a redeeming quality.

Outside in private, Carlie admitted to having strong feelings for Jimmy. She acknowledged this was his love story, but hoped it was hers too.

Hoping his mind would be put at ease about the rumours that surrounded her, Jimmy then headed to Jay’s new hometown of Sydney.

His hopes were short-lived, as her friend Rochelle revealed that Jay had been heartbroken after previously dating someone famous, and she had ambitions to become a presenter. Jimmy couldn’t help but feel blindsided by this new information and was devastated that Jay might only be on this journey, for fame. Jimmy left feeling even more confused about Jay, despite her admitting that she was falling for him. 

Jimmy was excited to meet Holly’s family, after he got the tick of approval from Lisa, Holly’s mum, earlier on. In Holly’s hometown Sydney, Jimmy felt warmly received by her family but her friend Sam’s radar for untruths, was on high alert. Sam was concerned about Jimmy’s pilot ambitions which she feared would leave Holly as a single mum. He reassured Sam that while his job caused him to have odd working hours, when he was home, he would be an active husband and father who wanted to take on domestic duties.

When Holly and Jimmy spoke in private, Holly feared how strong her feelings were and felt herself closing up, unsure if she could give Jimmy what he was after.

Last, but not least, Jimmy met Brooke’s family in Melbourne. Her brother Kristin asked Jimmy about his hours as a pilot and how Brooke would fit in to that. Jimmy explained that because he would be away a lot, he needed someone who was independent. Kristin was concerned by this, as he knew a lifestyle without her family and limited time with her partner, would not be ideal for his sister.

Unfortunately, this was not the news Jimmy wanted to hear. He doesn’t want to compromise his passions for his partner or for them to resent him for his work. Jimmy knew that Brooke could make him happy, he just wasn’t sure if he could do the same for her.

At the Rose Ceremony we sadly said goodbye to Carlie. 


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