The Bachelor sends two home as things explode

The Bachelor sends two home as things explode

Still reeling from the revelations at the last cocktail party, Matt wasn’t sure where his head was at and tensions among the Bachelorettes were running high on  The Bachelor Australia last night.

Giving both Abbie and Monique a second chance, Matt invited them both on a wedding themed group date. With both ladies taking two completely different approaches to round one of the game, Matt was disappointed Monique obviously didn’t want to be there.

Round two of the group date saw Matt rock a tux and the five remaining ladies change into wedding dresses and stand under a wedding arbour. In a game of compatibility, it became evident to the rest of the Bachelorettes that Abbie’s answers were tailored to what she guessed Matt would go for, leaving the remaining ladies to act and kick Abbie out of the competition.

With Vakoo the last one standing, Matt took her away for some romantic one on one time. Although she was extremely excited, Vakoo’s nerves got the better of her. Unable to stopgiggling, she couldn’t hold it together enough to engage in a serious conversation with Matt, leaving the date with a cheeky kiss but without a rose.


The next day, Matt surprised the Bachelorettes at the mansion, inviting Chelsie to spend the day at the Bachelor Pad to show off one of his special skills – baking. With the cooking lesson turning into an all-out food fight, Chelsie was surprised at how comfortable she felt around Matt.

After a dip in the pool to take off all the cake batter, Matt and Chelsie’s chemistry skyrocketed, and lead to a pool pash, with Matt admitting he had never met a scientist as hot as her.

After drying off, they sat down to enjoy their wares in the kitchen and shared a more serious chat where they realised, they were on the same page relationship wise. Finding each other’s intelligence incredibly attractive, Matt was keen to get to know Chelsie better and presented her with a rose.

At the cocktail party, the scene was set for more drama. Matt was quick to pull Monique aside for a chat in an attempt to clear the air. With Monique not being able to articulate exactly what the conversation with Rachael entailed, Matt felt that the trust between them was severely damaged. With trust being such an important part of a relationship, Matt decided there was no point in her remaining in the mansion, sending Monique home before the rose ceremony.

At the rose ceremony, with Chelsie the only Bachelorette holding a rose, it was Vakoo who was sent home.