The Bachelor says goodbye to two frontrunners

The Bachelor says goodbye to two frontrunners

The final eight ladies vying for Jimmy’s heart became six in a big double episode of The Bachelor.

At a freezing watering hole, Jimmy and Holly dove straight in to their single date. The playful, flirty, physical attraction was obvious and it wasn’t long before they were enjoying a kiss and a rose.

It was time for the ladies to meet the first lady in Jimmy’s life, Susan, his mum. Split into three groups the girls arrived hoping to impress. Debriefing with Jimmy, Susan said she had taken an instant liking to Carlie, but her last chat with Stephanie made her wonder whether she was over her ex. After impressing Jimmy’s Mum, Carlie sat down with Jimmy for some alone time, some kisses and some rose giving.

At the cocktail party Jimmy spoke with Tahnee who agreed that Stephanie may still be hung up on her ex, but it was the next bombshell that had our Bachy shook. Tahnee revealed that Jay would like to be runner up, “because they do better”.

Wanting to give Jay the benefit of the doubt, he chose to speak to Stephanie at the Cocktail Party. Jimmy asked whether she genuinely saw something with him and if not, they should call it. Stephanie responded saying she was very happy to leave and left Jimmy wondering if she should have left sooner.

The next day, Jimmy and the ladies arrived at Camp Bachelor. Jay was less concerned with stamping out the creepy crawlies and more concerned with stamping out the person who was starting rumours about her. Look out Tahnee.

Osher introduced the ladies to a Relationship and Body Language Expert who ran the group through a series of intimacy exercises. When Jimmy was tasked with staring into Jay’s eyes, he couldn’t shake what he had been told by Tahnee. Trying to communicate without speaking, Jay could feel the awkwardness.

A game of Never Have I Ever started off light before taking a serious turn Jay when threw out “never have I ever started rumours about someone”. The heat wasn’t emanating from the campfire, rather from Jay’s laser eyes pointing directly at Tahnee who did not take a drink.

The next morning Jimmy surprised Jay with a horse ride where they rekindled their connection, but the reigns were quickly pulled when Jimmy asked Jay about the rumour. Jay outright denied it and was both frustrated and shocked.

Heading into the bush Cocktail Party, tension was at an all-time high. Jay confronted Tahnee who said she had heard Jay firsthand saying she wanted to come runner up for the opportunities after the show. Jay vehemently denied it and Tahnee stood her ground leaving both girls in tears.

At the rose ceremony we saw Jay receive the last rose leaving Tahnee without one.


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