The Bachelor rockets back to the mansion

The Bachelor rockets back to the mansion

In an explosive episode of The Bachelor Australia, Locky and his bachelorettes returned to the mansion

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which was definitely the case for Locky and his bachelorettes, who tonight returned to the mansion after Love In Lockdown. Feeling his connection with Bella, Izzy and Irena had blossomed, Locky was ecstatic to embrace them again, and also physically meet new arrival Bec, who he was absolutely smitten with.


As the Bachelorettes settled back into mansion life with a cocktail party, the tension between former besties Bella and Irena was palpable. Labelling Irena a “compulsive liar” and “toxic”, Bella felt that Irena constantly gloated and exaggerated her connection with Locky. In the end, Bella stormed out of their conversation, making it clear that they could no longer be friends.


It seemed that the time apart did nothing to ease the tension between Roxi and Juliette, who entered into a heated exchange. Roxi, who was still angry at Locky and Bella’s kiss weeks prior, felt that Juliette had a target on her back from day one. She ultimately decided to pack her bags and leave the mansion.


The next day, Locky and Bec traded the turmoil in the mansion for turbulent tides, on a white-water rafting date. Locky was impressed by Bec’s fearlessness and love of adventure, and Bec was impressed by how quickly Locky came to her rescue when she fell off the raft. With their hearts, and the rapids racing, Locky pulled Bec in for a kiss.


Even though she arrived so late in the race, Locky couldn’t deny how he felt about Bec. With the two hitting it off with such ease, it was no surprise when Locky presented her with a rose. Happy that he and Bec shared such a strong connection, Locky knew that he had many difficult decisions ahead.