The Bachelor reveals three more bachelorettes

The Bachelor reveals three more bachelorettes

Red carpets, roses, candles and fairy lights as far as the eye can see. The scene is set for a love story and that’s just what our tall, dark and handsome Bachelor Locky is walking into, when The Bachelor Australia begins next month. 

Locky’s made no secret that he’s ready for anything, but that was before he met Laura from Western Australia.

24-year-old Laura is used to the finer things in life, and with an upcoming birthday next week, she’s wondering how much Locky is willing to spend on her.

After revealing the price tags of some past gifts, Locky does the math and exclaims, “that’s like, five trips to Bali!”

But after some serious thought, Locky thinks he can make Laura’s extravagant requests work saying: “I could definitely get you a Louis Vuiccon bag in Bali, don’t worry about that!”

Being the gentleman he is, Locky’s not expecting someone to jump off buildings with him, but we would be very content to have a girl jump into his arms. And that’s exactly what happens when he meets Nicole.

Entering in full dance regalia, this tiny dancer, 26 from NSW, shows Locky her moves and in the process takes his breath away.

After meeting Nicole, Locky exclaims: “Nicole has a lot of energy and that’s someone I want to be around.”

Next we meet boss lady Areeba, 25 from NSW, who says: “I’m a boss at work, I’m a boss at home and I’m a boss with my relationships.” We get the feeling she’s not mucking around.


Extremely pleased with what she sees in our Bachelor Locky, she has her eyes on the prize. “He’s definitely going to remember me. If anything, he’s coming to me at the cocktail party.”

Will Areeba be the boss of Locky’s heart? 

The Bachelor Australia. Premieres Wednesday 12 August At 7.30pm On 10