The Bachelor releases a brilliant first look

The Bachelor releases a brilliant first look

10 has released a brilliant first look of the upcoming season of The Bachelor Australia.

Putting his heart on the line, Astrophysicist Matt Agnew is ready to find the one. We’re just not sure if he is prepared for how fierce the fight for his love will be.

This season, it’s clear early on the bevy of beautiful Bachelorettes are there to find ‘the one’ and aren’t shy in letting Matt know it. Cue declarations of “You’re my kind of perfect,” and “It’s a little bit scary how quickly I’m developing feelings for you”, and we’re off and running in the race to love.

Now we all know the road to love is never easy and inevitably a storm begins to brew. It’s not long before backstabbing, betrayal and a hell of a lot of bad words meet Matt’s ears. In a shocking turn of events, our Bachelor encounters an unexpected confrontation, leaving him making a decision he never thought he’d have to make.

While it may not come up roses all the time, season seven of The Bachelor Australia really is bringing romance back. With more lavish dates, extravagant cheeseboards and real connections than ever before, there is never any doubt Bachelor Matt is here to find the love of his life.

Speaking of love, we’re over the moon to reveal that Matt has indeed found the one, with him declaring “I’ve never believed in the perfect woman… until I met you.”

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief shall we and let the love story begin!

The Bachelor Australia. Premieres Wednesday 31 July at 7.30pm on 10