The Bachelor Meets Megan And Olena

Ten has provided our first look at some of this season Bachelorettes

West Australian Bachelorette Megan is endearing, street-smart, adventurous and a lover of the outdoors.

The 27-year-old is extremely passionate about her job as a health promotions officer which allows her to work closely with local communities, educating them on how to live healthier lives.

Megan, who is also a free-diving enthusiast and beach lover, says that if the Bachelor is “fun, attractive and a little bit weird” then he ticks all of the boxes for her.With a love of adventure, Megan sounds like Bachelor Richie Strahan’s perfect woman, but will sparks fly between the pair



Also joining the quest is make-up artist Olena from NSW has always dreamt of accomplishing her career goals before settling down with that one special man.

The 23-year-old Ukrainian beauty has spent the past three years modelling overseas and has returned to Australia to take a chance on love.

Olena is hoping her unique technique of using her baby blues to “attack with the eyes” will capture Richie’s attention and ultimately win his heart. 

The Bachelor is coming soon to Ten.