The Bachelor loses the gatecrashers

The Bachelor loses the gatecrashers

Last night saw the final 6 on The Bachelor  revealed.

The quest for The Bachelor Blake Garvey’s heart came to an end last night for New Love Interests Mary, 27, and Rachel, 28, when he failed to give each of them a rose. With only eight ladies remaining in the house, the new girls were still playing catch-up and, despite their best efforts, their connection with Blake failed to spark.

Before the rose ceremony, Blake’s chemistry was clearly evident with many of the original girls, including Jessica during their romantic single date, Sam during the group date and Lisa at the cocktail party.

Reflecting on her single date, Jessica said: “I think that Blake and I are stunned by how attracted we are to each other and how much chemistry there is between us. I think that absolutely could lead to a deep love.”

With sparks flying between Blake and the other Bachelorettes, Mary and Rachel were not surprised with Blake’s decision. Both ladies acknowledged that time was not on their side.

Mary said: “Time really is the key to this and I just haven’t had that with Blake. Him [sic] and I just haven’t spent time together. It would have been great to see whether or not there was something there, but at the end of the day it is what it is and I wish Blake and the girls all the best of luck.”

Despite her disappointment, Rachel was all class as she farewelled Blake. She whispered in his ear: “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

She said later: “I’m sad because I didn’t get to have a single date with Blake and get to know him. But if I’m not what he’s looking for, he has great girls left and one of them will be.”

The Bachelor Australia. airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm. On Ten.


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