The Bachelor locked into Wednesdays and Thursdays

The Bachelor locked into Wednesdays and Thursdays

No surprises here with Ten choosing to return The Bachelor to it’s most successful timeslots.

The season promises to be one of the most talked about based on the few teasers that have been released.

Starting the journey of a lifetime is Tasmanian-born entrepreneur Sam Wood, as he searches for true love among Australia’s most engaging Bachelorettes.

 The romance and glamour you have come to expect from The Bachelor Australia returns as Sam and the ladies get to know each other over a series of extravagant dates and glittering cocktail parties. From luxury yachts to secluded beaches, the conditions are perfect for falling in love.

 Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Bachelor Australia season three will have all the romance, drama and laughter you hve been waiting all winter for – and much more.

The Bachelor Australia. Launches Wednesday, July 29 and continues Thursday July 30 on Ten