The Bachelor Groundhog Date leads to a walkout

Last night The Bachelor tried something different that lead to one of the most shocking departures of the season.

Last night  Sam took three girls on identical dates designed to test their wit when the going gets tough.


Ebru, 31, a portfolio manager from Victoria, was the first cab off the rank. While she anticipated a romantic one-on-one date with the man of the moment, Sam had other things in mind. Just moments after he picked her up in a limousine, the driver pulled over with a flat tyre. Claiming a knee injury, the driver enlisted the help of Sam. Playing along with the prank, Sam asked Ebru to help.

Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she obliged. Back at the mansion, another single date card was delivered by Osher and Jacinda, 33, a personal assistant from New South Wales, set off in the same limo as Ebru, with the same flat tyre.

As the ladies each began to realise that the date was a test, they were treated to lunch with a flirtatious waitress, who served them Mexican crickets, barbequed chicken feet and duck tongue.

While the remaining Bachelorettes started to smell a rat when Ebru didn’t return home, Bec, 28, a dietitian from New South Wales, was invited on a third single date ahead of next the rose ceremony. Bec was also treated to the date with a difference and while Sam endured the same activities for the third time, his feelings for Bec were evident.

Eager to explore which of the three Bachelorettes could have a laugh, Sam was pleasantly surprised by Ebru’s attitude, Jacinda’s humour and Bec’s calm nature.

As he took some time to reflect, a massive meltdown began to erupt at the mansion ahead of Sam’s most difficult cocktail party yet.

One by one, Bec, Jacinda and Ebru returned to the mansion and, with the help of their fellow Bachelorettes, they pieced together that they had been duped by Sam.

As the gossip reached fever pitch, it seemed that Sam’s Groundhog Date had backfired in spectacular fashion and Jacinda’s journey on The Bachelor Australia was about to come to an abrupt end.

While Sam consoled the teary and embarrassed Bachelorette, they realised that they were better off as friends and she explained that she was sick of being put in the friend zone by every man she meets.

After a tough, honest discussion and a few laughs, Sam and Jacinda decided to part ways ahead of the rose ceremony and farewelled each other in private. Before she left the mansion, Jacinda said: “I’ve got so many guy mates. I’ve got enough. I guess one more will have to do.”