The Bachelor goes flying

The Bachelor goes flying

After scoring an adrenaline pumping single date at last night’s cocktail party, The Bachelor Australia kicked off with Matt picking Monique up in a red-hot Ferrari.

Pulling up to a hangar, Matt revealed they would be chasing each other through the sky in two aerobatic planes. Super chuffed Matt had pulled out all the stops, Monique declared it was the best first date she had ever been on.


Back at the mansion a group date card had been delivered. Fearing she would miss out on time with Matt again, Abbie was relieved her name was finally called out.


After a day of heart stopping activities, Matt and Monique sat down together and the conversation flowed. Admitting he found Monique intimidating and the full package – beautiful, accomplished and ambitious – Matt ended their date with a rose and a kiss.


The next day, the Bachelorettes were surprised with a photoshoot for their group date. With the photos to be published in TV Week, they had to channel classic leading ladies from famous love stories.


First up was Snow White which featured Helena as the evil witch, Isabelle as Snow White and Rachael and Nichole as dwarves. Despite Isabelle scoring the lead role, she lay there with her eyes closed for the entire shoot, failing to create chemistry with her leading man.


Next was a scene from Cinderella, with Emma playing the lead. Mary did her best to outdo her fellow wicked step-sister, but it was Sogand who clearly won Matt’s attention.


Cassandra then posed alongside Matt as Juliet to his Romeo. The lack of chemistry was evident, meaning the photo shoot was missing the main ingredient – two star-crossed lovers.


The final shoot was a scene from Cleopatra with Vakoo and Abbie. Playing up to her model background, Vakoo was extremely confident and in her element. Not wanting to be outdone, Abbie pushed herself into the scene and all over Matt, with the sexual tension leaving both a little breathless.


During the cocktail party, Osher showed up earlier than usual to announce that either Sogand or Abbie would meet Matt at the orchard for some one-on-one time; but that it was up to the rest of the girls to vote for who they thought was more deserving.


With the votes tallied, Abbie won by a landslide, leaving Sogand concerned about her connection with Matt.


As Abbie and Matt settled in for a chat, Matt was evidently flustered, fumbling his words. After a few hot and heavy kisses, Abbie returned to the cocktail party, rose in hand and no lipstick, rubbing the other girls the wrong way.


At the rose ceremony, with Abbie and Monique already holding the coveted rose, it was Isabelle who was sent home.